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Everything is moving towards the cloud

Public, private or hybrid cloud? It's all possible. Telekom offers a comprehensive cloud portfolio with a multicloud ecosystem that supports companies of all sizes in their digital transformation.

 It's happening in the cloud.

Cloud Computing

It's happening in the cloud.

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A cloud with the digits one and zero and the words data protection.


The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for social benefit providers

A confidentiality agreement in accordance with § 35 SGB 1 allows sensitive data to be stored in the cloud.

Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems, live von stage at the Digital X.


Sovereign Cloud as a building block of Gaia-X

T-Systems-CEO Adel Al-Saleh on the Sovereign Cloud as a building block of Gaia-X.

Logos of Google Cloud und T-Systems


T-Systems and Google Cloud Partner to Deliver Sovereign Cloud for Germany

T-Systems and Google Cloud today announced they will build and deliver sovereign cloud services for German enterprises, the public sector, and healthcare organizations.

Data center T-Systems

TelekomCloud and data center

High resolution pictures on market and brand communication for your media publications.

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