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Corporate Responsibility

Accessible products

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We want to create technologies that are easy to use – also for people with disabilities.

People with physical or mental disabilities often find it difficult to use modern communications technology. But digital communication is just the thing to give them special advantages. By offering accessible products and special rates, we give people with disabilities universal access to new media.

Specially trained employees at our hotline for deaf and hearing-impaired customers respond to inquiries via e-mail, fax, mail or videophone. They advise up to 50 people every day. We introduce special product offers for these target groups on a dedicated website where the products are accompanied by videos providing explanations in German sign language.

The Blitab project, which is sponsored by Deutsche Telekom, developed a tablet that posts content in braille. Deutsche Telekom also offers a smartphone designed for older target groups that takes users through how to use the phone step by step. The Liberto 820 is hearing-aid-compatible and comes with an emergency button.

We offer special rates to customers who are deaf, vision impaired or come from low-income households. More than one million customers take advantage of these rates in Germany every year. Deutsche Telekom's national companies, including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary also offer these special rates.

We have integrated a read-aloud function for people who have trouble reading or are vision-impaired on our website and in our annual report and CR Report.