Corporate Responsibility

European Works Council

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Intensive exchange between employer and employee representatives on European level.

The year 2013 at Deutsche Telekom was marked by a variety of organizational measures with a cross border character which had to be presented to the European Works Council (EWC). The EWC currently consists of 32 members. It has established itself as an important dialog partner of Deutsche Telekom for many years and it represents the interests of employees of Deutsche Telekom Group within the EU countries. Over the past year, 19 projects and measures were presented in five meetings of the EWC and its Board. All of these projects had an impact on at least two European countries or were of general interest in a global context. Friederike Mayer, permanent representative oft he employer’s side in the EWC until June 2015, characterizes the cooperation with this body as „intense, sometimes controversial, but always in a trustful manner“. Deutsche Telekom values and strongly supports this constructive exchange and will continue to do so in the following year.