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Corporate Responsibility

Refugee aid

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New country, different culture, foreign language: We want to help improve refugee integration.

Over the past few years, Germany has been facing considerable challenges because of the refugee crisis. We all need to work together to address these developments. Deutsche Telekom collaborates closely with ministries, officials, educational institutions and refugee reception centers as well as other partners to provide fast, direct assistance. Our Board of Management initiated a Deutsche Telekom task force exclusively for this purpose in August 2015.

How can I apply for asylum? Where can I learn German? Who can help me? Answers to these and other questions are available in eight different languages on the refugees.telekom.de online platform. Deutsche Telekom offers refugees entry-level qualification, vocational training and grant programs at our own HfTL University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig. We provide free WiFi at many refugee reception centers and have converted Deutsche Telekom properties to serve as refugee accommodation.

Deutsche Telekom civil servants assist Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

We also offer our employees' services. At their own request, almost 500 of our civil servant employees are currently working at the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), which is responsible for processing applications for asylum. Many of our staff volunteer at temporary shelters, accompany refugees on visits to public authorities and donate both clothing and money. We encourage these efforts via our engagement@telekom platform. Our offices located along refugee flight routes also offer targeted aid.


We are also focused on establishing partnerships with companies and institutions in order to get effective measures off the ground. A good example of this is the careers4refugees.de portal, which we created in collaboration with our experienced partners Jobware and Jobstairs and which has received multiple awards. Large and small enterprises can post internships, trainee positions and job vacancies free of charge on the site geared specifically to refugees.

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