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Phone usage data

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The data generated from phone calls is personal information and, as such, is granted special protection. Deutsche Telekom saves this data to enable the offered services to function properly and to enable billing. Call content is not saved; we only save the traffic data ("metadata"), such as which number was connected with which other number and for how long.

Phone data enable itemized bills.

Phone data enable itemized bills.

What phone data do we store?

Deutsche Telekom saves the duration, time and called number for all phone calls. In some cases, the cell is also saved. This data is stored up to 80 days.

However, we only save this data for as long as it is needed for billing. Therefore, if you have a flat rate and do not request an itemized bill, your data is usually deleted immediately, or after seven days at most. In addition, messages such as SMS and MMS, as well as voice mails on your answering machine, are stored temporarily until you retrieve or delete this data.

What do we do with your phone data?

We use traffic data solely for billing and to provide our services.

Is this data passed on to third parties?

No. Governmental and court orders are the only exception.

Crazy facts - Phone usage data

Crazy facts

7.8 million short texts are sent from mobile phones over Deutsche Telekom's network every day. That's 5.400 SMS every minute.

With 160 characters and an average (English) word length of 5.1 characters, that amounts to 31 words per text. The first Harry Potter book in English had around 76,944 words. That means the equivalent of 2,482 Harry Potter books are transmitted in short text form every day, in the form of shopping lists, professions of love, tantrums and curt replies amounting to a total of around 242 million words.