Location data is generated whenever your mobile phone connects to a mobile network cell or when your router connects to the Internet. An antenna is located in one corner of the mobile network cell and establishes the actual connection. Therefore, the location of the transmitter is known, but your exact location cannot be determined, because it is not possible to locate a mobile phone precisely with-in a cell.

Location data optimize mobile network operation.

Location data optimize mobile network operation.

What location data do we collect?

We use your location data to establish a connection between the wireless network and your mobile phone. Without this location data, cellular links would not even be possible. This data is only saved in special cases (for example, if you use an old, location-based contract). If you have a flat rate [Mouseover], like most of our customers, the data is deleted after seven days at the latest.

The location of a hotspot can be identified precisely through an IP address [Mouseover], for example, when data transmission takes place via WiFi [Mouseover]. This location data is temporary and is saved for a maximum of seven days before it is deleted.

What do we do with your location data?

We use location data to establish a connection to your device, such as your mobile phone or router. This data is also anonymized and aggregated for use in analyses and to prevent misuse and disruptions. This data is also highly beneficial for many other services. Information about the number of people present at a certain location, for example, helps bus and train operators optimize their capacity utilization. This enables these partner companies to better inform you, the customer, which in turn lets you make more informed decisions.

How is this data passed on to third parties?

Telekom Deutschland GmbH works together with companies that want to optimize their services. Movement profiles of several users are anonymized and aggregated so that it is impossible to draw any conclusions about a specific individual or device.

If a court orders it, we might have to disclose location data.

Crazy facts - Location data

Crazy facts

Deutsche Telekom has installed 260,000 radio cells in its three networks (GSM, UMTS and LTE) throughout Germany, which help to ensure that we have the best network.

This is roughly one cell per 300 residents or one for each 120 Deutsche Telekom customers.