Exploration of data categories.

Your data at Deutsche Telekom

Your data at Deutsche Telekom

You have entrusted us with your data. That means a lot to us. After all, data represents an important, sensitive part of today's customer relationships. That's why we spoke personally with our customers about data privacy and compiled the most important questions and answers here.

Personal data increase individual experience.

Personal data

Your personal data or personal information consists of three key parts: your address data, contract data and payment data.

Location data optimize mobile network operation.

Location data

Location data is generated whenever your mobile phone connects to a mobile network cell or when your router connects to the Internet.

Phone data enable itemized bills.

Traffic data telephone

The data generated from phone calls is personal information and, as such, is granted special protection.

Internet data support fast and protected usage.

Internet usage data / cookies

Surfing on the Internet generates a large amount of data.

MagentaTV data streamlines personal media recommendations.

MagentaTV usage data

To improve the service quality of DT's MagentaTV offering, certain information about your devices and the content you select is saved.

Smart Home data provide intuitive and secure device configuration.

Smart home usage data

Smart homes are increasingly simplifying our lives.

How is your data protected?

You don't have to worry about your data. We do it for you.

Data privacy is our utmost priority at Deutsche Telekom, due not least to our location. As a German company, we are subject to European data privacy and protection regulations, which are probably the strictest in the world. Yet we don't just want to meet the legal provisions; we want to help shape data privacy actively. To do so, we work together closely with privacy experts, continue to enhance technical standards, and promote maximum transparency. So you can always be sure that one thing is safe: your data.

Request your data

According to Article 15 GDPR, you can request information about your data and ask us to provide you with a copy of this data or check by yourself in our customer center.

Protected by yourself

Protected by yourself

You decide on the use of your data. We make it easy for you to exercise this right.


Protected by rules

Your data is protected by European law. And by our high internal standards.


Protected by technology

We use masking methods to make your data unreadable for third parties. These methods always employ state-of-the-art technology.

Data privacy made easy

Deutsche Telekom tips on data privacy and data security show how easy it is to keep our smartphone use secure.