Digitally secure

Boost your digital immune system

The internet is fun – most of the time, anyway. But sometimes a user can feel overwhelmed by technical stumbling blocks and potential risks. And whenever data theft and cybercrime make the headlines, we start asking ourselves.

Is my smartphone actually secure? Who has access to my data? Is online banking still a good idea?

This website is here to help you to stay strong in the face of digital fiends. We offer specific answers to our customers’ typical questions

  • Clearly sorted.
  • Easy to understand.
  • And without beating about the bush.
Illustration: Banking by smartphone


What you ought to know about online banking and mobile payment.

Illustration "hidden SMS costs"

Cyber crime

How to unmask and prevent cyber crime.

Illustration: App-Berechtigung

Social Media

Media competence for children, teenagers and adults.

Illustration Smart Home


How to secure your router, Wi-Fi network and smart home.

Illustration Cloud

Operation systems

Settings for your computer and smartphone.

Illustration virus scanner

Data privacy

How to protect your private data.

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