Online banking

Illustration image: Prevent data loss.

How to tell if you are browsing with a secure connection

Whether you are banking or shopping online, bear these “health tips” in mind so that confidential information stays confidential.

Illustration: Banking by smartphone

Home banking – the safe way

Online banking is fast and convenient. Conduct a health check before you do your bank transactions online.

Illustration: Online Payments, risk free

Online payments, risk-free

What payment methods are there, and what advantages and disadvantages do they have? How to protect your “vital data” from attackers.

Illustration: Banking by smartphone

Banking by smartphone

Checking your account balance or doing a quick transfer on the go? How to protect your online account from suddenly slimming down

Illustration: Online Payments, risk free

How to tell if an online shop is legitimate

If you shop online, you should check whether the online provider is legitimate.

Illustration Produktfälschungen

How to identify product scams online

Product scams range from brand-name watches to medication. Protect your wallet – and your health.

Privacy Guidebook

How to Plan Your Digital Legacy

How can you decide what will happen to your data well in advance, so that digital memories will not fall into the wrong hands?

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