Operation systems

Privacy guidebook

What you need to know about rooting and jailbreaking

For security reasons, manufacturers seal off the core of their operating systems. Be careful when tweaking your smart phone.

First aid for computer emergencies.

VPN connection lets you browse securely on the go

Using a public Wi-Fi network is often risky. A “tunnel” protects your data connections perfectly.

Privacy guidebook

How to correctly secure your Mac

While Windows malware cannot hurt Macs, they can still pass it on. How to “vaccinate” MacBooks and similar devices.  

Illustration image: Prevent data loss.

Computer data security begins with a good backup

A good backup forms the basis of a secure system. How to create a digital clone of your precious data.


Tips for more Android security

Screen locks, system updates, and backups – a few basic rules will help you boost your phone’s immune status.

Illustration: App-Berechtigung

More protection for children

Computers and the internet are endlessly fascinating for kids and teenagers.  How to find a healthy dose of screen time.


Get the best out of your tablet – securely

The on-trend look and many entertainment functions of a tablet often keep us from remembering that they, too, are computers that are subject to attacks and therefore need protecting.

First aid for computer emergencies.

Make a rescue CD

If the computer no longer starts up in the usual manner, there may be many causes. An emergency CD gives you a chance to recover your precious data. 

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