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Communicate more securely with WhatsApp and others

Messaging services have almost completely overtaken texting. A few ground rules for security while communicating with a messenger. 

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More protection for children

Computers and the internet are endlessly fascinating for kids and teenagers.  How to find a healthy dose of screen time.

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Sexting - risky selfies with spice

Today, sexting is a widespread but dangerous practice among young people that feeds on narcissism and sexual needs.

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Protect your privacy online

Tracking systems log your every step on the internet. There is a risk of becoming too transparent as a user. 

Privacy Guidebook

Fight cyberbullying and insults

No one is without their rights on the internet. This article tells you what cyberbullying is, what you can do about it, and how you can best prevent it.


Ten tips for more security on any system

Smartphones and computers help us to do our work and organize our lives. Our tips will help you create more security.

First aid for computer emergencies.

VPN connection lets you browse securely on the go

Using a public Wi-Fi network is often risky. A “tunnel” protects your data connections perfectly.

Privacy Guidebook

How to Plan Your Digital Legacy

How can you decide what will happen to your data well in advance, so that digital memories will not fall into the wrong hands?

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