Marion Kessing

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

Marion takes care of technology and innovation topics in Corporate Communications, stuff like 5G, eSIM or Virtual Reality. After studying, she did a radio internship, learning local journalism in a very rural German area, the Münsterland. Because no sports reporter was needed in this region, she started with the mobile phones. Marion has managed the first mobile devices in the Alcatel press office in Stuttgart and then it was only a small step in 2003 to T-Mobile in Bonn. Since then, this is running at Telekom. And there is always a lot to talk about technology and innovation!

Articles by Marion Kessing

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Deutsche Telekom has successfully transitioned its IP-based voice telephony platform to the cloud.


Telekom completes transformation to cloud-based voice telephony

Deutsche Telekom has successfully transitioned its IP-based voice telephony platform to the cloud. Landline connections are now centrally controlled from cloud data centers in Germany. Over fifteen million customer connections have been migrated to the NIMS...

Telekom Network Day 2023


Telekom Network Day 2023

More fiber than ever.

NIMS: cloudified voice production with radical automation.


More than 10 million voice subscribers now benefiting from cloudified voice production with radical automation

Deutsche Telekom has reached further major deployment milestones with its NIMS project to ‘cloudify’ and automate the core of its IP-based voice telephony platform. More than ten million voice subscribers have successfully been migrated.

(f. l.) Walter Goldenits, Claudia Nemat, Srini Gopalan on Network Day 2022.


Deutsche Telekom sets faster pace for fiber rollout

Telekom plans to build up to 3 million fiber connections in 2023. 1,000 new fiber experts are to be recruited.

Sign Swisttal Heimerzheim


Deutsche Telekom and Eutelsat co-operate to serve remote areas in Germany with high-speed satellite broadband

Deutsche Telekom to distribute high-speed satellite broadband via the EUTELSAT KONNECT satellite from end 2021.