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Marion takes care of technology and innovation topics in Corporate Communications, stuff like 5G, eSIM or Virtual Reality. After studying, she did a radio internship, learning local journalism in a very rural German area, the Münsterland. Because no sports reporter was needed in this region, she started with the mobile phones. Marion has managed the first mobile devices in the Alcatel press office in Stuttgart and then it was only a small step in 2003 to T-Mobile in Bonn. Since then, this is running at Telekom. And there is always a lot to talk about technology and innovation!

Articles by Marion Kessing

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5G small cell antennas


5G small cell antennas

Deutsche Telekom is now also preparing its network for the use of 5G small cell antennas.

Ronald Fromm and Elmar Arunov from T-Labs use Artificial Intelligence trying to pick the winners of the World Cup.


Germany crashed out of the World Cup - even the Artificial Intelligence didn't predict that!

More than 13,000 colleagues are participating in Deutsche Telekom's World Cup betting pool. And a very special better is participating at Telekom Innovation Laboratories.


Deutsche Telekom launches Europe’s fastest 3.5GHz Massive MIMO field trial with Huawei

Deutsche Telekom and Huawei demonstrated spectrum efficiency improvements with LTE technology. They launched the fastest 3.5 GHz LTE TDD Massive MIMO field trial with 20MHz bandwidth at 3.5GHz band reaching 750Mbps.

Claudia Nemat, Srini Gopalan and CEO Tim Höttges (from left)


Fiber optics and 5G: Telekom dials it up

Deutsche Telekom is significantly increasing its broadband expansion rate. The company wants to expand even faster in both fiber optics and 5G.

Telekom 5G network: Speedtest


5G goes live in five cities

The 5G network of Deutsche Telekom is now operational in five German cities – Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Darmstadt, and Munich.