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More than 10 million voice subscribers now benefiting from cloudified voice production with radical automation

  • 10 million voice subscribers already migrated to new cloud platform handling billions of interconnect minutes.
  • Radical automation of processes ensures superior user experience and efficiency.
  • Disaggregation enables a highly collaborative multi-vendor ecosystem.
NIMS: cloudified voice production with radical automation.

NIMS: cloudified voice production with radical automation. © DTAG

Deutsche Telekom has reached further major deployment milestones with its NIMS (Next Generation IP Multimedia Subsystem) project to ‘cloudify’ and automate the core of its IP-based voice telephony platform. More than ten million voice subscribers have successfully been migrated. Furthermore, billions of interconnect voice minutes with approximately 100 Interconnect partners are now completely processed via NIMS.

“With the launch of our NIMS platform, we have implemented a game-changing level of lifecycle automation for all telco cloud and payload components. This enables Deutsche Telekom to validate and deploy new software for our customers in a few days, or soon even minutes, instead of weeks – thanks to our great team and ambitious partners,” says Abdu Mudesir, CTO of Telekom Deutschland.

From the beginning, the NIMS project has put the focus on radical change in order to create a high quality and effective next-generation voice platform for its up to 18 million customers to drive superior user experiences. 

The most fundamental innovation is the automation of the platform from end-to-end. Built around a detailed framework of automated workflows across every function of the network, the NIMS platform enables Deutsche Telekom to create, test and launch new services very quickly and with great agility for the benefit of its millions of users.
Caroline Chappell, Research Director, Cloud & Platform Services, at Analysys Mason says: “Many service providers globally are shifting towards cloud-native telco platforms with varying degrees of automation. The level of automation in the NIMS architecture is exceptionally high and forward-looking. Deutsche Telekom has set a new standard for the industry with its bold, vendor-agnostic approach.” 

In addition, Telekom has created an innovative and highly-collaborative multi-vendor ecosystem to deliver on the vision of this highly-automated, cloud-based architecture. Current partners are Juniper Networks (Cloud Infrastructure & Prime Integrator), Mavenir, Metaswitch, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo und Red Hat. Due to the high level of disaggregation and the horizontal cloud approach, more technology partners can easily be added as the demand for services grows.

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