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Aid organizations benefit from Deutsche Telekom initiative

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  • Aid organizations share overall positive assessment
  • “Unser Platz für eure Hilfe” initiative raises awareness
  • Numbers seeking assistance on the rise
Founder Dagmar Hirche is pleased with the positive response for “Wege aus der Einsamkeit”. (Credit: Wege aus der Einsamkeit)

Founder Dagmar Hirche is pleased with the positive response for “Wege aus der Einsamkeit”. (Credit: Wege aus der Einsamkeit)

Launched on April 29, 2021, Deutsche Telekom's “Unser Platz für eure Hilfe” (Our space for your aid) initiative is making an impact. For one week, the company made its national advertising space available to five non-profit organizations throughout Germany. They help people cope with their worries and needs, particularly in the current coronavirus situation. This initiative raised public awareness for “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, “Crew Nation”, “Labdoo”, “Nummer gegen Kummer”, and “Wege aus der Einsamkeit”. All five aid organizations raised their profile thanks to the week-long campaign, with more people turning to them for assistance.

The number of people seeking advice from “Nummer gegen Kummer” increased substantially by almost 15 percent compared with last week. So far “Labdoo” managed to secure around 550 pledged IT donations over the campaign period, which will help provide digital education for up to 8,250 children. The number of grant applications from employees in the events sector has more than tripled over the past few days at “Crew Nation”. In addition, many older people are now familiar with the training courses offered by the association “Wege aus der Einsamkeit” and intend to take part. And for "Aktion Deutschland Hilft", the initiative is a crucial support for the alliance's Corona emergency aid measures. 

Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.

“In particular, the dramatic worsening of the situation in India and the extensive media coverage have helped raise people’s awareness and solidarity for those affected by the Corona pandemic,” explains CEO Manuela Roßbach. “We are noticing a significantly higher volume of donations for our global Corona emergency aid compared to the previous week. The timing of the Deutsche Telekom initiative couldn’t have been better. It has contributed to this development and is a crucial support for our Alliance's Corona emergency relief efforts.”

Crew Nation e.V. 

“For us, the initiative has been a fantastic success,” says chair Lars-Oliver Vogt. “The number of visitors to our website has increased significantly. We’ve seen ten times more traffic than last week. And on top of all that, the number of grant applications has more than tripled over the past few days. These results underline that our commitment and Deutsche Telekom’s initiative are working.”  

Labdoo e.V.

“Thanks to the advertising we’ve seen a substantial increase in public awareness and access to our website,” founder Ralf Hamm is delighted to report. “So far we’ve also seen some 550 pledged IT donations over the campaign period. These will provide digital education for up to 8,250 children. That’s because around 15 children benefit from a single laptop in school facilities and computer rooms. The really positive thing about it all is that all our areas have seen similar increases. We not only received more IT donations. We’ve also had more aid applications and offers of help come in.”

Nummer gegen Kummer e.V.

For managing director Rainer Schütz the Deutsche Telekom initiative was a resounding success: “We received lots of positive responses to our advice services, particularly via our social media channels. Even in the first few days of the initiative, visits to our web pages were up by 28 percent. The numbers of people seeking advice also increased by almost 15 percent compared with last week. We’re delighted that people are now even more aware of our services in these difficult times and we can help them by providing advice.”

Wege aus der Einsamkeit e.V.

“So many older people have been approaching us. They want to get involved, do one of our training courses, and make the leap into the digital world,” says founder Dagmar Hirche. “The feedback on social media was entirely positive for us. Our homepage also received lots of visitors. And we now have 2,000 YouTube subscribers thanks to another substantial increase in numbers. That’s a big number for us, this kind of visibility is simply priceless in our sector.”

“Unser Platz für eure Hilfe”

As part of the initiative, Deutsche Telekom provided over 1,000 advertising spaces on TV, radio, newspapers, and online and out-of-home media between April 29 and May 6, 2021. This initiative reached over 200 million people. To achieve this, Deutsche Telekom invested several million euros.

During the pandemic, Deutsche Telekom also offered free data volume, web conference services for offices and schools, and smartphones for elderly people. It also provided free entertainment offerings and is supporting people from industries hit hard by the pandemic. With these measures, Deutsche Telekom is emphasizing its commitment to enable participation. The idea behind the campaign is that everyone should have access to the many opportunities afforded by digitalization. Everyone should be able to #TAKEPART. Further information is available at

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