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CHIP network test: Deutsche Telekom has the best mobile network

  • Overall rating "very good": Deutsche Telekom wins the CHIP mobile network test for the ninth time in a row
  • Top network for voice and data thanks to the best LTE network
  • Deutsche Telekom wins city rankings for Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt (Main)

For the ninth time in a row, Deutsche Telekom wins the overall mobile network test of the German trade magazine CHIP. Deutsche Telekom's overall score even improved again to 1.36, achieving the grade "very good". Deutsche Telekom's LTE network also received the grade "very good" in the individual rating and, with a score of 1.28, is the best in Germany. Together with their measurement partner NET CHECK, the CHIP testers covered around 14,300 kilometers by car, train and on foot. Approximately 390,000 measurements with millions of data were analyzed to examine the quality of the three large mobile networks. One provider convinced CHIP in particular: Deutsche Telekom. Particularly with the speed of up- and downloads Deutsche Telekom is unbeatable, says CHIP. 

"For the ninth time in succession our net prevailed in the CHIP test. The great result - for voice and data, in the cities as on the countryside - confirms our hard work for our customers”, says Walter Goldenits, CTO Telekom Deutschland.

Both voice and data are relevant for the test results. Deutsche Telekom scored top marks in both categories. The voice quality of the network and the fast connection setup thanks to VoLTE technology are convincing when it comes to calls. According to CHIP, Deutsche Telekom still clearly outperforms its competitors when it comes to data transfer. The reason for this is that most of Deutsche Telekom's mobile antennas are already backhauled by fiber optics, while the competition more often uses radio backhauling. Goldenits stresses: “Fiber up to the antenna is an important factor for the future 5G deployment.”

In the five major cities of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt (Main), which are evaluated separately, Telekom's mobile network is as well rated "very good" without exception; in three out of five cities Telekom wins. CHIP certifies Deutsche Telekom’s network almost perfection for error-free voice services in the cities. At over 80 Mbps, the average download speed in cities is at a high level and well ahead of the competition. Deutsche Telekom is also leading in rural areas. With more than 44 Mbps on average, downloads in their network are the fastest.

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