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Collaboration from the cloud: Working together from anywhere

  • New complete solution for companies: CompanyFlex Cloud PBX 2.0
  • Communicate securely and flexibly from anywhere by telephone and video
  • Personal conference room for up to 1,000 participants
  • Smartphones are integrated as mobile extensions 
Cloud PBX 2.0 is easy to use anywhere on any device, whether in the home office or on-site project deployment.

Cloud PBX 2.0 is easy to use anywhere on any device, whether in the home office or on-site project deployment.

An increasing number of employees are working flexibly while on the road, from home, or in a traditional office. Regardless of their location, they still need to be reachable by colleagues and customers via a company phone number. Video conferencing must also be possible regardless of location. “CompanyFlex Cloud PBX 2.0” offers a solution for these requirements. The collaboration system from the cloud is completely tailored to flexible, location-independent working. All functions used are billed according to use. No initial investment is required to purchase the system. The solution carries out updates to the software independently. CompanyFlex Cloud PBX 2.0 extends the Cloud PBX product family with scalable conference systems from Cisco Webex.

Peter Arbitter, Head of Portfolio and Product Management at Telekom Business Customers: "Working from home and new work are our drivers for innovative virtual collaboration solutions. Our customers demand simple tools that can be used anywhere and seamlessly on all devices. With CompanyFlex Cloud PBX 2.0, we offer exactly that: All employees can communicate and collaborate while in the office, working from home, and on the road."

Cloud PBX 2.0 is now also available with integrated conference packages. Customers can add them on a scalable basis as required. In the basic variant, spontaneous audio and video meetings are available at all workstations. The "Conference Plus" function offers personal conference rooms with fixed dial-in data. With "Conference Premium," up to 1,000 participants can take part in video conferences from anywhere using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. During a video conference, they can share screens, files, or apps with all participants as needed. Additional functions allow conferences to be recorded or speech to be transcribed into text files.

Self-service administration via secure web portal

The virtual collaboration system from the cloud can be administered from all locations via a secure Internet portal. Changes are implemented in just a few minutes. The system integrates smartphones as mobile extensions. The additional MagentaEINS Business Integration function makes calls to landline numbers and also to the associated mobile number in parallel. Callers also see the landline number of the caller when they call via their mobile phone. Employees in the field also have access to centrally-stored call lists and customer data from anywhere.

CompanyFlex Cloud PBX 2.0 is available on a monthly basis from 2.95 euros per workstation plus the price for the individual CompanyFlex standard package. This includes audio and video calls, file sharing, and app and screen sharing. For 7.95 euros per month per user, video conferences with up to 100 participants are possible via “Conference Plus.” “Conference Premium,” which allows video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants, costs 17.95 euros per user per month.

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