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Cologne: The whole city is Digital X

  • September 13-14, 2022: Two days of digitization in the heart of Cologne. 
  • Digital X offers numerous attractions for private visitors. 
  • World exhibition of digitization with Jessica Alba, Steve Wozniak and Michelle Hunziker.

A man carries a sign leading to Digital X.

This way: On September 13 and 14, 2022, Cologne will be the center of attention for Digital X. © Deutsche Telekom

Two million square meters of event space, 15 stages, 2,500 square meters of marketplace, 50,000 expected participants: On September 13 and 14, 2022, Digital X will turn Cologne into a world full of digitization exibits, innovations and technology experiences. Together with more than 300 partners, over 200 brandhouses and around 60 start-ups, Europe's leading digitization initiative will be presenting trends and technical innovations relating to digitization - from 5G, IoT and autonomous driving to metaverse and robotics. Visitors can experience the megatrends around mobility, security, the New Work, urbanization and sustainability live on dedicated routes through Cologne.

"We need to experience digital solutions in order to understand how they will positively influence our private everyday lives and businesses in the future. Anyone moving through downtown Cologne during Digital X will get the feeling that they are already getting a glimpse of the digital future," says Hagen Rickmann, Director Business Telekom Deutschland and patron of Digital X.

Top speakers on 15 stages

Over 300 speakers will cover all facets of the digital transformation with their topics. Among them:

Jessica Alba, US actress and founder of "The Honest Company".

"The Woz", Stephen Gary "Steve" Wozniak, founded Apple together with Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne.

Michelle Hunziker, television host, actress, model and singer, will host Digital X on the main stage.

Oliver Bäte, CEO of Allianz SE and co-founder of the UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance.

Katharina Reuter, Executive Director of the Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft (German Sustainable Business Association – BNW).

Domitila Barros, greenfluencer, social entrepreneur and Miss Germany 2022, produces sustainable and ecological swimwear and accessories.

Tim Höttges, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Deutsche Telekom.

Digital X: Welcome to the digital future

Digital X is once again diving right into the heart of Cologne life. The entire program of keynotes, premieres, trend-setting visions, exhibitions, discussion rounds, workshops and music acts will take place with different thematic focuses in four hotspots in downtown Cologne.

Unmanned drones deliver parcels as air freight to autonomous vehicles. Food from the 3D printer is available in a food truck. The Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrtzentrum (German Aerospace Center - DLR) will exhibit the virtual therapy arm, which captures muscle signals and enables patients' impaired limbs to be experienced as fully functional again. For the first time, ByondXR will showcase a store in reality as well as six different facets of the metaverse. Photorealistic real-time holograms allow objects and people to be experienced virtually in meetings. Digital X also gets under the skin with a remote-controlled robot stitching live tattoos. Visitors can take a look at prototypes for autonomous and teleoperated driving in Spichernstraße.

The IoT Brandhouse offers an interactive journey through the Internet of Things. In the T-Systems Brandhouse, interested people can learn all about sovereign cloud, for example, or how digital identities enable new business models in healthcare and the public sector. Under the motto "Think differently, act boldly," the Deutsche Telekom Brandhouse "Digital Opportunities" presents recipes for success in digitization.  Or the Magenta Classroom in the Digital Education Brandhouse. And the Brandhouse “Schubkraft” with information on business development programs. 

Digital X offers numerous attractions for consumers

This year, for the first time, consumers (in German) will be able to access a wide range of content at Digital X with a free ticket. Visitors to the Equal E-Sports Festival can explore the world of gaming. Deutsche Telekom's customer service will also be on site with advice, cell phone service and shopping opportunities in the pop-up store. Experts will be on hand to solve customer problems in person at the two Deutsche Telekom trucks at Cologne’s telecommunication tower Colonius and Spichernstrasse. In the Magenta Garage, the Deutsche Telekom field service demonstrates possible sources of errors in the home WLAN and presents solutions.

In the evening, it's showtime instead of keynote - including an exclusive Deutsche Telekom Street Gigs concert by rock band Muse.

Digital X Award for digital pioneers

At Digital X, Deutsche Telekom and the German association of small and medium-sized businesses BVMW will be honoring examples of digitization in small and medium-sized enterprises. The Digital X Award is intended to honor trendsetters and show other SMEs ways in which they can further digitize their business.

Sustainability at Digital X 

Digitization enables sustainability: Deutsche Telekom's digital products and solutions help save CO2 and resources. In the brand houses, on the stages and with the partners, sustainability is like a green ribbon running through Digital X. Digital X makes use of existing facilities such as restaurants and stores and their furnishings. Through CO2 compensation, it is carried out in a climate-neutral manner. In addition, there are special workshops, a dedicated sustainability route and the 100 percent sustainable and electric Blue Lane, an eco lane for zero-emission vehicles only.

Visit us - in Cologne or online.

The entire program is online available at The two-day event will be broadcast live on the Digital X platform. The platform can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Further details on the digitization initiative can also be found at

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