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Connect mobile network test 2019: Telekom has the best network

  • Overall rating "very good": Telekom wins for eighth time in a row
  • Top marks in the supreme discipline of mobile data
  • Telekom network clearly in the lead along the roads
  • TÜV certified: best quality for customers in Telekom's mobile network
Connect mobile network test

Deutsche Telekom wins the current mobile network test of Germany’s trade magazine connect. Following the test wins in Computer-Bild and Chip, Deutsche Telekom now also ranks first in this test for the best network. The company scored 1.3, the only provider to receive a "very good" overall result. Connect conducts the test in cooperation with P3 communications, a company specializing in network tests. In order to determine the performance and reliability of the networks, the testers rely on drive- and walktest as well as crowdsourcing analyses. In addition, the TÜV has now also certified the quality of Deutsche Telekom’s network.

Superior network experience

"We clearly have the best mobile network in Germany! Our network expansion, especially on motorways and in rural areas, makes the decisive difference compared to our competitors," sums up Walter Goldenits, Chief Technology Officer at Telekom Deutschland. "We want to offer a superior network experience everywhere when making phone calls and surfing. It's great that the current test results confirm this!" 

Connect magazine and P3 testers took a close look at voice and data services of mobile networks. In both disciplines, Deutsche Telekom is ahead. In the supreme discipline of mobile data, Deutsche Telekom’s network delivers the best performance and clearly leads the field in almost all data categories. Whether mobile surfing, up- and downloads or streaming - connect certifies very good results for Deutsche Telekom - in the big cities as well as in the small towns tested. Deutsche Telekom also provides the best data connection on the streets. For motorists looking for the best possible success rates and data rates, there is currently no way around Deutsche Telekom, according to connect.

The highest success rate

When it comes to voice, Deutsche Telekom’s network offers the shortest connection setup times, the highest success rate and the best voice quality. According to connect, Deutsche Telekom’s network guarantees the best phone calls on motorways and country roads. 

For the first time, connect test is also increasingly focusing on crowdsourcing and thus combining several test methods. The crowdsourcing analysis over several months is intended to provide a better test basis for how much service really reaches the customer on average. In this category, too, Deutsche Telekom wins and is convincing with its high network stability.

In Austria, Deutsche Telekom is also right at the forefront. This year's test winner is T-Mobile Austria, which has moved up from third place to the top.

TÜV certifies "best mobile network quality" for Deutsche Telekom’s network

In addition, also TÜV certifies that Deutsche Telekom's German mobile network has the best network quality. Independent auditors carried out continuous measurements from the first to the third quarter of this year and evaluated more than one million calls and data connections. Based on the results, TÜV certifies Deutsche Telekom’s network as "best mobile network quality according to QvK-Standard" (QvK: quality comparison from the customer's point of view). The "best mobile network quality" certificate applies to voice and data services. TÜV has also issued it to Deutsche Telekom for its LTE network. TÜV certification is on a voluntary basis.

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