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Deutsche Telekom is promoting Germany's largest 5G network

  • The Group is highlighting 5G as a symbol for digital optimism
  • The central motto of the campaign: "With 5G, nothing separates us anymore"
  • A magenta lighting installation at Düsseldorf's Rhine Tower marks the kickoff

Deutsche Telekom has announced Germany's largest 5G initiative and is switching into high gear. To encourage as many people as possible to upgrade to the new mobile communications standard, Deutsche Telekom is launching an extensive campaign on June 19 to illustrate the new possibilities that 5G offers to the general public. It also draws attention to the "5G" symbol, highlighting it in Telekom's brand color magenta. The campaign's launch will be marked by an impressive magenta lighting installation at Düsseldorf's Rhine Tower.

The new dimension of speed and latency offered by 5G is relevant for consumers as much as industry. "We will show people what Germany's largest 5G network makes possible. As we see it, 5G stands for digital optimism – and we are linking this technology with our brand," says Christian Loefert, who is responsible for the campaign at Telekom Deutschland.

The campaign

"With 5G, nothing separates us anymore" – that's the central motto of the campaign, which Deutsche Telekom is implementing in two stages. In stage one, it describes what 5G stands for and what benefits it offers. By putting the concept into a magenta spotlight, it ties the technology to the Telekom brand. In the second phase, it will underscore how 5G makes people's lives even more exciting, creating an undreamt-of feeling of closeness.

The ad illustrates the benefits and many possibilities of the new technology in a thrilling series of black-and-white video sequences. 5G is always present, as a magenta signal word in the picture and on the soundtrack. The ad shows all the things the "G" in 5G stands for: the feeling that nothing separates us anymore, for speed and simultaneity, and for a world without limits. The 40-second ad will run on German TV channels with a wide reach and online starting June 19, 2020.

Magenta lighting installation at Düsseldorf's Rhine Tower

The campaign also involves giving 5G its own high-profile visualization. It will take place OOH, in print advertising, shop design, and the accompanying online and social media activities. Deutsche Telekom is also staging an impressive light show, based on the abbreviation 5G, to launch the campaign. For five nights, from June 16-20, 2020, Düsseldorf's Rhine Tower will be illuminated in magenta. Deutsche Telekom has commissioned Jerry Appelt, one of the best in his profession, to create the lighting design.

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