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Achieving the best home network – Deutsche Telekom launches “WLAN Paket plus”

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  • New all-in-one product offers comprehensive service for unbeatable Wi-Fi 
  • The best possible home Wi-Fi with two “Speed Home WiFi” units
  • Includes full money-back guarantee and, where necessary, on-site installation
Two Speed Home Wifi units.

Two Speed Home Wifi units are part of the “WLAN Paket plus”. © DTAG

To coincide with IFA, Deutsche Telekom is expanding its home networking products with “WLAN Paket plus.” For 9.95 euros per month, the new package offers everything needed to create a high-performance home network. On top of that comes the Deutsche Telekom Wi-Fi promise, which stands for comprehensive expert advice and support – on site, if necessary. “That’s exactly what our customers are looking for. Whether you’re talking to our call center team over the phone or a technician in your house, once we’re finished, your Wi-Fi will be up and running – guaranteed! We’re creating genuine added value for our customers that is unparalleled on the market,” says Ferri Abolhassan, Director of Service at Telekom Deutschland.  

Free advice from the experts

The package includes two Speed Home WiFi units that use mesh Wi-Fi technology to beam a wireless signal throughout the entire house. Also included is fully comprehensive service for all questions relating to home networking, with Deutsche Telekom experts on hand to help set up and optimize Wi-Fi either over the phone or via remote access. They ensure reception is perfect, advise on where best to place the Speed Home WiFi units and help get them connected. If telephone support doesn’t work, a Deutsche Telekom Wi-Fi expert will make an on-site visit, if necessary. The package also includes the MeinMagenta app and a 90-day money-back guarantee. “We offer customers everything they need to get started with the best, most comprehensive home network on the German market and really make the most of their broadband,” says Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland. “That is our Wi-Fi promise – a full signal throughout the house, advice from our experts and a full money-back guarantee.”

Getting started with the best possible Wi-Fi

The latest offer complements the “WLAN Paket” that was launched in July. This package includes one Speed Home WiFi unit, the 90-day money-back guarantee, and telephone support for setting up and optimizing Wi-Fi. Added to that is the MeinMagenta app, which guides users through the process of creating the optimum home network step by step. The Deutsche Telekom Wi-Fi promise costs 3.95 euros per month. The technical requirement for getting started with the best home network is a mesh-capable router such as the Speedport 3 or Speedport Pro from Deutsche Telekom. Alternatively, customers with a conventional router can also use two Speed Home WiFi units, one of which serves as a basis for the mesh network. The minimum term for both packages is 12 months.

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Optimal Wi-Fi

The connection bandwidth isn’t the only important factor for reliable Wi-Fi. With Deutsche Telekom’s home networking portfolio, the high bandwidth really does reach every corner of the home.