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Digital X continues its success story as a Digital Edition

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  • Second Digital X - Digital Edition on June 23, 2020
  • Bitkom president Achim Berg to speak about the turning-point in digitalization
  • Further well-known speakers: Lea-Sophie Cramer, Frank Thelen, Dr. Vladimir Klitschko

The Digital X brings visionaries, digitalizers, and decision-makers together to speak about digital transformation.

The main focus of the second Digital X - Digital Edition on June 23 is the entrepreneurial spirit and digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises. With over 17,000 participants, the first virtual edition of the event was a great success. Once again, we will be welcoming top-quality speakers to our digital stages. Lea-Sophie Cramer from Amorelie, Frank Thelen, and Dr. Vladimir Klitschko will all be taking part alongside Bitkom president Achim Berg. The virtual platform brings visionaries, digitalizers, and decision-makers together to speak about digital transformation. 

Bitkom president Achim Berg providing inspiration for the “new normal”

Through its president Achim Berg, the German digital association Bitkom is shaping the current discussion on state assistance with the coronavirus pandemic. The motto: “In Germany, the coronavirus can finally be a turning point in terms of digitalization: the pandemic is a final wake-up call to all companies and managers to invest in digitalization right now.” According to Berg, the matter at hand now is to use the digital legacy of the crisis to create the “new normal” and drive the country forward.

Top speakers on five virtual stages

All speakers appearing on the five virtual stages at Digital X - Digital Edition are united by their demand to see the coronavirus as a driver of innovation and not as a danger. The speakers include:

  • Lea-Sophie Cramer, the founder of Amorelie speaks about how the start-up scene dealt with the coronavirus pandemic: “Founders need to be a little bit crazy.”
  • Frank Thelen, serial founder and tech investor looks at the upcoming change: “Digitalization was just the beginning. Now, the biggest revolution in human history is going to take place.”
  • Dr. Wladimir Klitschko, entrepreneur and boxing world champion is addressing problems bravely and optimistically: “Challenges are just like opponents in the ring. You should never turn your back on them.”
  • Presenter Nazan Eckes will accompany us through the afternoon.

Digital exchange platform for small and medium-sized enterprises

The initiative supports small and medium-sized enterprises with the digital transformation. Complex issues from various specialist areas are explained in break-out sessions. Enterprises are able to choose their concrete impulses for digitalization for themselves. This time, the workshops will focus on how small and medium-sized enterprises can improve the efficiency of their logistics through the Internet of Things (IoT).  Rami Avidan, Head of IoT at Deutsche Telekom, will provide a strategic outlook on this topic and present a new IoT platform. How the Internet of Things can make supply chains crisis-proof will also be discussed.

The background:
Digital X is Europe’s biggest cross-sectoral digitalization initiative. More than 200 German and international partners are participating in it. It supports small and medium-sized enterprises in their digital transformation – 100 percent digital. The grand finale of Digital X 2020 will take place on November 19 and 20 in Cologne. The concept for Digital X: networking, exchanging insights, and learning from one another in the spirit of digital progress. The very best enterprises will receive the “Digital Champions Award” for their work. You can find further details on the digitalization initiative here and at  

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