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Deutsche Telekom offering love tips for Valentine’s Day

  • Connected Underwear available in the Love Magenta shop
  • The aim of the magenta underwear is to encourage mindful use of smartphones in relationships.
  • Expert tips for a successful Valentine’s Day
The Love Magenta Connected Underwear

Love Magenta Connected Underwear – the smart underwear temporarily silences the user’s smartphone and focuses their attention on more time together as a couple. And not just on February 14. Download

Deutsche Telekom has the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day: The Love Magenta Connected Underwear. The smart underwear temporarily silences the user’s smartphone and focuses their attention on what’s important: More time together as a couple and real relationships. And not just on February 14.

Deutsche Telekom presented the underwear for the first time in October last year. The initiative got people talking about mindful use of smartphones in relationships. The first batch quickly sold out. Now the company is about to release a second limited edition onto the market. 

With its smart underwear, Deutsche Telekom has once again managed to humorously get people talking about a problem affecting society. A representative survey by YouGov Plc on behalf of Deutsche Telekom revealed: Almost half of 18-34 year olds check their smartphones in bed, even if their partner is lying next to them. And 39 percent of them believe that this behavior prevents them from being intimate with their partner. 

“We want to encourage young couples to work against digital alienation”, says Wolfgang Kampbartold, Vice President of International Market Communications at Deutsche Telekom. “The Love Magenta Connected Underwear is a deliberately ridiculous product. We wanted to use humor to generate awareness and get people talking.” 

All lovers can order their underwear from Deutsche Telekom’s online store at The second limited edition will be launched on February 6, 2020. The Connected Underwear package is priced at 25 euros and can be ordered in a combination of sizes and styles (m/f). Shoppers can also find set-up information for smartphones as well as relationship tips.

How the Connected Underwear works

Each package contains two pieces of underwear and two LoveChips. The bluetooth transmitters can be integrated in the underwear. The LoveChip is linked to the Connected Underwear app. It is automatically activated through the user’s movement while wearing the underwear. When inside the love-zone (radius of 5 meters), it sends a bluetooth signal to the partner’s smartphone. The partner receives a message inviting them to activate LoveMode. If the partner agrees, a LoveMode playlist begins to play and a romantic screen saver is launched. The app now asks the user if they want to activate the Do Not Disturb function on their phone. Now nothing more stands in the way of an undisturbed togetherness. 

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