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Green offers for business customers

  • Device-as-a-Service: Rent mobile devices and saving resources 
  • Cell phone cycle for smartphones and tablets  
  • Sustainable smartphones and eco rating  
Deutsche Telekom offers services for business customers to integrate sustainability into their business.

Deutsche Telekom offers services for business customers to integrate sustainability into their business. © Deutsche Telekom

Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important for business customers nowadays. Companies are looking for measures to help them integrate sustainability into their business. A good contribution can be done with mobile devices. For example, millions of unused cell phones and tablets are forgotten and stored after they aren’t used anymore in many companies because they don’t have a concept on what to do with these devices. In cooperation with partners, Deutsche Telekom offers its business customers services and solutions for this. 


Deutsche Telekom, in cooperation with everphone, offers its business customers Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), which provides a complete device-handling and a closed loop for mobile devices. This includes the rent, maintenance, repair, and replacement of mobile devices as well as their return and refurbishing at the end of the leasing period. This gives the devices a second life cycle and saves around 50 kg of CO2 emissions per device. For example, chemical and consumer goods company, Henkel, was able to achieve savings of 263.9 tons of CO2 through Telekom's device handling of 6,000 tablets for its employees. Business customers can currently use this offer project based; the regular market launch will follow in the second quarter of 2022. The Device-as-a-Service offer is marked with the #GreenMagenta label.  

Mobile phone purchase 

For more than five years, Telekom, in collaboration with its partner Teqcycle, has been offering business customers a simple and secure program to buy their used smartphones and tablets. The main priority is to extend the lifecycle of the devices by remarketing them. Teqcycle evaluates the old devices and customers receive a purchase offer. Additionally, if the cell phone is not usable anymore, the concept offers professional recycling of raw materials. Throughout the entire return process, the highest security standards are maintained, and data is deleted in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). This saves around 48 kg of CO2 emissions per device.

Over the past three years, more than 80,000 devices have been collected back from business customers. This cell phone cycle is also marked with the #GreenMagenta label.

Sustainable mobile devices

Telekom also offers sustainable products for business customers when buying new devices. For example, the new Fairphone 4. Telekom has been offering the world's first sustainable 5G-capable smartphone since September 2021.  The Fairphone 4 is the first electronic waste-neutral cell phone on the market. It has a modular design, is wrapped in 100 percent recycled material, and uses fairly obtained materials from sustainable resources. It ensures long-term availability of spare parts and software support. The goal is to encourage users to use their phones longer. In addition, the manufacturer offers the Fairphone 4 with a 5-year warranty.

The Fairphone 4 is currently the only smartphone to be awarded the German Blue Angel eco-label and has received a top score of 85/100 points in the Eco Rating. 

Eco Rating and #GreenMagenta

The Eco Rating initiative was launched jointly by Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica (under the O2 and Movistar brands), Telia Company and Vodafone in 2021. The aim is to provide customers with consistent and accurate information about the environmental impact associated with the manufacture, use, transport, and disposal of smartphones. The Eco Rating enables operators and their customers to assess better the sustainability of mobile devices.  

Since 2021, Telekom has also been labeling selected products, services, measures, and initiatives that make a positive contribution to climate protection and the responsible use of resources with the #GreenMagenta label. These include, for example, the network with 100 percent electricity from renewable energies, the reuse of used smartphones, and the saving of CO2 emissions and valuable raw materials. 

These measures contribute to achieving the Group's ambitious climate targets - climate neutrality Scope 1-2 by 2025, Scope 3 by 2040 at the latest.

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