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T – Connecting your world

  • Deutsche Telekom renewing its brand promise and completing its global brand strategy
  • New claim places the spotlight more on international focus and customer perspective
Telekom's new claim puts the focus on its internationality and customer perspective.

Telekom's new claim puts the focus on its internationality and customer perspective. © Deutsche Telekom

T – Connecting your world. As announced today at Digital X in Cologne, Deutsche Telekom is renewing its brand promise. With its new claim, the Group wishes to emphasize its global outlook as one of the leading players in an increasingly digital world. The company also wants to put the desires and needs of its customers even more at the center of its communication. The “Connecting your world.” slogan will underscore the T in terms of content and, as a result, will be a meaningful addition to the brand communication. The claim will help in creating a worldwide uniform brand experience with Telekom’s T. The slogan will be used in English in all national companies that operate under the T brand.

As Ulrich Klenke, Chief Brand Officer at Deutsche Telekom, explains: “On our journey to becoming the Leading Digital Telco, we want to establish a globally successful brand for the digitalization of consumers and business customers. With our new claim, we’re again emphasizing our passion as an optimistic and trustful companion of people in challenging times. It unites the belief of allowing everyone to participate in the digital world, sustainable action, and social cohesion.”

“Connecting your world.” is clear and easy to understand. As confirmed by market research, the claim is the right fit for all of Deutsche Telekom’s business areas and is suitable for all occasions and offerings across the planet. The claim also supports the purpose of Deutsche Telekom as a brand: “We won't stop until everyone is connected”. Deutsche Telekom wants to give people access to the digital world with the aim of making life easier and better. The Group wishes to promote participation and connect people to everything that is important in our personal and social lives. 

One Company. One Brand.

The new claim is the final element with which Deutsche Telekom will consistently focus its global brand strategy on the T as an umbrella brand. The Group previously introduced a new and uniform logo and placed it at the forefront of its communication. Magenta was also given a clearer role in the new brand structure. In the future, the color trademark will structure the product portfolio internationally. Together with the Liquid Brand Design that Deutsche Telekom introduced back in 2020, all brand elements now underscore its presence as a global brand. “Our brand image is now clearly understandable across international borders and, as a consequence, is more effective and efficient”, explains Ulrich Klenke. “All markets now speak with the same voice. An important step on the journey to becoming a global brand.” The brand claim was developed in close exchange with the international markets and originates from a proposal by the Croatian brand management.

Deutsche Telekom will use the new claim for the first time at Digital X in Cologne. Over the coming months, the switch in the national companies will take place with cost and resources in mind. In a first step, the company will switch its digital channels, communication campaigns, and sponsorships. Changes in the physical world such as those in the Telekom shops will then follow. With the brand film “T - Connecting your world”, Telekom will accompany the launch.

230920-Markenfilm „T – Connecting your world”-EN

The strategic foundations of the new brand design and, consequently, also those of the claim were developed by Deutsche Telekom’s Group Brand Management. Implementation took place in conjunction with all of the relevant areas of the Group and in collaboration with MetaDesign, Düsseldorf. 

One of the world’s best-known and most valuable brands

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s best-known and most valuable brands in the world. The experts from “Brand Finance Global 500” placed the company in a strong eleventh place worldwide, thus making it the most valuable brand in Europe by some considerable distance. According to the study, the Group has climbed to second place among the world’s telcos – behind Verizon and significantly ahead of AT&T and China Mobile. This positive trend has also been confirmed by other surveys such as the BrandZ study “Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands”, which ranked Deutsche Telekom as the leading German company on the planet. These results confirm the successful development of the company and brand strategy.

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