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#TAKEPART with 5G –Telekom launches campaign

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  • Core message: 5G enriches lives and brings applications to life in a new quality 
  • Telekom is offering added value from September 6 thanks to optimum 5G network quality
  • Campaign highlights the participation promise Telekom has made again

To head into the digital future at 5G speeds – that is the declared aim Deutsche Telekom is pursuing. The company is stepping up efforts to introduce the new mobile communications technology and is kick-starting a wide-ranging communications campaign on September 6, 2019. 5G enriches everyday life and paves the way for fascinating experiences. It is bringing digital applications to life in a whole new quality. The focus is always on the experience, based on the networks.

“Deutsche Telekom has the best LTE network in Germany today. Our goal for tomorrow is to have the best 5G network. That’s why we are already investing more than anyone else in Germany’s network of the future,” says Michael Schuld, Head of Communications and Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland. “This network quality will enable us to carry on offering our customers outstanding products, applications, and services that will enrich their lives.” 

The aim of the new campaign is to help people overcome their apprehensions about digitalization and harness the opportunities that 5G will open up for them. In brief, fast-paced film sequences, a 40-second TV commercial asks: “Let’s be honest, this isn’t how it was meant to be. Do all these smart devices really make us smarter? More sociable? Or could we not find a better way of using them all? Exciting applications from the worlds of education, entertainment, medical care and communication provide an answer, enabling people to #TAKEPART thanks to optimum network quality. “To have more fun when learning. To communicate better. To have fascinating experiences. To enjoy better care. To be closer to each other.”

The commercial shows schoolchildren having more fun learning thanks to 5G. Travelers speaking different languages understand each other thanks to live, real-time translations on their smartphones. How can listening to music become a mind-blowing experience? The answer is by bringing your favorite band into your own living room and watching them up close using VR and AR technology. People experience better medical care. What’s more, 5G enables grandparents to be even closer to their grandchildren and #TAKEPART in their everyday lives. 

Launching on September 6, the campaign will reach a vast audience through TV, the internet, print, out-of-home advertising, and social media. At the same time, Deutsche Telekom will be at IFA to present 5G-capable devices and its new MagentaMobil plans with bigger data allowances and 5G. Back in fall 2018, the company presented an eight-point plan for a fast, successful roll out of 5G. It includes a proposal to offer 5G coverage for 99 percent of Germany’s population and 90 percent of the country by 2025. By the end of the year, Deutsche Telekom will build and commission about 300 5G antennas. This move underscores the participation promise Deutsche Telekom has made. 

Deutsche Telekom makes participation key aspiration

Deutsche Telekom wants to bring everyone into the digital society with it. Its key aspiration is to enable participation. Everyone should be able to #TAKEPART. Deutsche Telekom is investing in its networks, products, and services like no other company. It already offers access to the diverse opportunities offered by digitalization and is working to continuously expand them. After all, to experience how “life is for sharing”, you first have to take part. To find out more and explore further offerings, visit

Credits for Deutsche Telekom #TAKEPART 5G campaign

Creation: Saatchi & Saatchi Europe
TV production: STINK Films
Directing: Jones & Tino

Creation: DDB Germany
TV production: Tony Petersen Film
Directing: Bode

Media: Mindshare, Frankfurt; emetriq, Hamburg

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Campaign images:

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