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Telekom buys 5G frequencies at auction

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  • Frequencies worth 2.17 billion euros bought at auction
  • Telekom is ready for 5G rollout
  • Renewed offer: Joint approach to network expansion in rural areas
Telekom buys 5G frequencies at auction

Telekom buys 5G frequencies at auction

Finally, the new mobile radio standard 5G will be launched in Germany. Telekom has bought frequencies worth 2.17 billion euros. The company has secured 4 frequency blocks in the 2 gigahertz band and 9 frequency packages in the 3.6 gigahertz band. "We received the spectrum we wanted. After a long auction, clarity now prevails. Now we will build a first-class 5G network for Germany. Our customers can look forward to this," says Dirk Wössner, Member of the Board of Management of Telekom Deutschland. 

Nevertheless, the auction leaves a bitter taste behind: "The network rollout in Germany has suffered a significant setback. The price could have been much lower. Once again, the spectrum in Germany is much more expensive than in other countries. Network operators now lack the money to expand their networks. With the auction proceeds one could have built approximately 50,000 new mobile sites and close many white spots,” stresses Wössner. 

After the auction has ended, Telekom will now apply to the Federal Network Agency to use the frequencies. "We want to get started now. For this it is important to determine the framework conditions that were not completely clarified before the auction," says Wössner. "Our offer to tackle network expansion in rural areas together with our competitors will continue to apply. We will start talks on this." 

The first antennas for 5G are already installed in test areas in Berlin, Darmstadt and the Port of Hamburg. Telekom already has 150 5G antennas in operation throughout Europe. In Germany, more than 80 percent of existing antennas are already prepared for 5G.

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