Hubertus Kischkewitz

Hubertus Kischkewitz

Corporate Blogger

As a journalist, Hubertus Kischkewitz, born 1957, is a latecomer. After his teaching degree, he worked as a freelancer for a regional newspaper in Bonn, which he later left as a local editor of an issue. Stations with his own press office and activities for various newspapers followed, finally he made a multi-year detour to the marketing of a tourist region. What remained was the curiosity of people in their working environment. He is looking for his stories and information on the spot - whether as a blogger touring the river Elbe or as a Telekom spokesman for the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

Articles by Hubertus Kischkewitz

Your choice

Stefan Keller works from the bucket of a turntable ladder.


DT helps emergency personnel and patients

Within five days DT set up a mobile base station for the Coronavirus field hospital in Neustadt.

Roth Triathlon: Crossing the finish line


Up close to triathletes with Deutsche Telekom

Triumphant in victory: Bart Aernouts has won the Roth long-distance triathlon. Many of his fans were able to follow his victory up close thanks to Deutsche Telekom.

The smart bikes are real eye-catchers everywhere.


Connected bikes are gaining ground

Deutsche Telekom's solution is winning over increasing numbers of cycling fans.



Gigabit project in the Stuttgart region: Agreement with Deutsche Telekom signed

174 municipalities cooperating with Deutsche Telekom on fiber-optic expansion.

Installation of a cell tower.


Deutsche Telekom to build 1,000 new mobile base stations

Deutsche Telekom has reasserted its extensive build-out plans to further improve the mobile communications network in Bavaria. Telekom board member Dirk Wössner signs mobile communications pact. Special focus on “white spots”.