As spokesperson and blogger Hubertus Kischkewitz wrote until 2023 for Deutsche Telekom.

Articles by Hubertus Kischkewitz

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Stefan Keller works from the bucket of a turntable ladder.


DT helps emergency personnel and patients

Within five days DT set up a mobile base station for the Coronavirus field hospital in Neustadt.



Gigabit project in the Stuttgart region: Agreement with Deutsche Telekom signed

174 municipalities cooperating with Deutsche Telekom on fiber-optic expansion.

Installation of a cell tower.


Deutsche Telekom to build 1,000 new mobile base stations

Deutsche Telekom has reasserted its extensive build-out plans to further improve the mobile communications network in Bavaria. Telekom board member Dirk Wössner signs mobile communications pact. Special focus on “white spots”.

Image Mobile Network Expansion


Deutsche Telekom commissions more than 200 new mobile base stations

Almost 200 new mobile base stations have now gone into service in Germany.This means more than 160,000 additional customers can now access Deutsche Telekom’s LTE network, bringing current population coverage up to 97.5 percent.

The smart bikes are real eye-catchers everywhere.


Connected bikes are gaining ground

Deutsche Telekom's solution is winning over increasing numbers of cycling fans.