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Team together – team apart

Our six Guiding Principles serve as orientation for our actions and decision making. They form the framework that helps us to put our corporate values into practice and achieve our business goals. We are convinced that a culture of trust and mutual respect can only be created through open discussions and consistent action. Are you currently looking for a responsible employer who actively promotes values and puts them into practice in everyday operations? Then you are in the right place!

Icons and a lettering: Team together – team apart

This is one of our guidelines. The foundation of our daily work. © Deutsche Telekom

This time, we’re focusing on our Guiding Principle “Team together - team apart”. It emphasizes our belief that transparent communication is the key to making successful decisions. By incorporating different perspectives and ideas, we create an atmosphere of understanding, cooperation across departmental boundaries, and a trusting working environment.

Team together – team apart

We are a team. We challenge and support each other.

The first part of the Guiding Principle “Team together” stands for our culture of openness, collaboration, and recognition. We share and justify our point of view without devaluing other perspectives. In fact, it's quite the opposite: we value diversity and different perspectives in order to develop the best solution together. Always on an equal footing. We don’t shy away from controversial discussions. We are always fair and appreciative in discourse, because we know that a discussion is only a good discussion if it is based on varying perspectives, and brings them together.

 3 women sit at a table and discuss

We take time for open and appreciative discussions. © Deutsche Telekom

The second part of the Guiding Principle ”team apart” does not mean that we discuss for the sake of it, we discuss because we are trying to find the best solution. This can also mean that my own opinion isn’t always the most popular. Once the result has been obtained, we are then a team apart and present this solution together. We then stand behind this result as a team – both internally and externally.


Our experience shows that open discussions enable creativity and innovation at our company as well as increase trust and togetherness spirit in our teams. Therefore, this Guiding Principle is important to us and our employees. If these values are important to you in your work, then we are a perfect match. 

Do you want to start your career with us? Click on this link to view the jobs. We look forward to seeing you and look forward to the next part when we look at the Guiding Principle “Act with respect and integrity”. Stay tuned! 😊

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