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Drone show as stage for Telekom 5G

  • Deutsche Telekom stages the largest 5G network in Germany and the new iPhone 12
  • Spectacular magenta light show with 300 drones 
  • As a sign for digital participation, Telekom shows the largest 5G heart worldwide 

With a spectacular drone show, Deutsche Telekom will present its largest 5G network in Germany and the new iPhone 12 range. On October 17, Deutsche Telekom will send 300 drones equipped with LEDs high into the sky above the Olympic Park in Munich. In a ten-minute show, the intelligent flying robots will paint impressive pictures in the night sky. The highlight will be the worldwide largest magenta 5G heart measuring approximately 750,000 cubic meters – a sign for digital participation and optimism. A first flight already took place on October 15.

“5G will offer us more capacity, more speed, and innovative new applications. With the spectacular drone show, we will create awareness that around 40 million people in Germany are already able to use 5G,” says Michael Hagspihl Head of Consumers at Deutsche Telekom. “The build-out of the 5G network is happening quickly. More and more of our customers can take advantage of the new mobile communications standard with devices such as the new iPhone 12.” 

Telekom's core message: "The new iPhone 12 with 5G and the largest 5G network in Germany: Uniquely together. Be #TAKEPART when 5G brings us closer together than ever before." Those who wish to experience the drone show in person can do so at the Olympic Park at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on October 17 while observing the established protective measures. However, the show cannot take place in adverse weather conditions. 

Spectacular lighting: The drone show

A light show with 300 drones is an orchestrated spectacular that primarily relies on the design, software and hardware. Using a special GPS signal, the drones will fly a pre-programmed choreography. They are controlled by specially trained pilots. Flight formations, pictures and words are planned in advance using a 3D animation program.

Together with special software, these drones – or quadcopters – were developed especially for this Deutsche Telekom presentation. Each of the 300 drones is light, robust, and is equipped with extra-bright full-color LEDs that are controlled by installed on-board computers. Over billion color and brightness levels are possible with these LEDs. For the show, the drones will fly at a height of around 100 meters. Each of the drones must be at least 1,5 meters apart. And this is how the worldwide largest 5G heart measuring around 750,000 cubic meters will be created in the sky.

Deutsche Telekom designed the show together with AO Drones, Dubai, DO IT!, Düsseldorf, and DDB, Hamburg. Deutsche Telekom commissioned Jerry Appelt, one of the best in his profession, to create the lighting design. “Thanks to extensive sensors and precise coordination, drones are able to fly perfect light choreographies and draw breathtaking pictures in the sky. Deutsche Telekom’s ballet of drones is a true highlight.”

Largest 5G network in Germany 

In recent weeks and months, Deutsche Telekom has continued working flat out to expand its 5G network. 5G is available in over 3,000 cities, towns, and municipalities across Germany. Therefore, over 40 million people are able to use 5G, i.e., half the population. This applies to large cities such as Munich and Frankfurt as well as smaller municipalities. Around 1000 5G antennas are already transmitting in Munich alone. Deutsche Telekom wants to provide 5G coverage to two-thirds of the population by the end of the year. The current build-out status can be viewed online at

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