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Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson partner to provide industry solution for OSRAM

  • Partners providing dedicated LTE based campus network for customer OSRAM
  • Dual slice campus network combines public and private LTE to support industrial use cases
Robots in action at Osram

Robots in action at Osram: DT’s campus network enables usage of AGVs (automated guided vehicles) for smart production processes.

Manufacturing companies have identified the advantages of a dedicated wireless connectivity to significantly improve the flexibility, versatility and efficiency of production processes – and to stand their ground in international competition. Connectivity, starting with LTE and evolving to 5G, is a key component to support industrial use cases and customers’ needs. Deutsche Telekom offers so-called campus network solutions to its industry customers based on a dual slice approach. This solution combines and integrates public and private LTE connectivity, often enhanced with a local edge cloud deployment.

OSRAM and Deutsche Telekom are prototyping and testing a mobile robotics solution at the OSRAM factory in Schwabmünchen. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) will be used to transport goods across the OSRAM shop floor in the more flexible production environment. 

Ericsson is the provider of the campus network system at the Schwabmünchen site. As well as being the radio partner for the surrounding public LTE coverage, Ericsson will provide the system technology for the special indoor factory coverage and the local core network as part of the dual slice solution. 

Dedicated campus solutions

“In line with Industry 4.0 requirements, our customers want extremely reliable and high-performance network solutions tailored to their specific demands,” says Alex Jinsung Choi, SVP Research & Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom “Working together with our partner Ericsson, we will provide dedicated campus solutions that allow customers such as Osram to develop and optimize their production processes.” 

Erik Ekudden, SVP & Group CTO, Ericsson adds: “The cooperation with OSRAM and Deutsche Telekom is a great opportunity for us to explore the industry requirements on future technologies. These kinds of collaborations will help us in our product development towards 5G in the context of Industry 4.0.”

Campus Networks

Campus Network solutions are connectivity and enhanced connectivity solutions for a defined local area (such as an industrial campus) that are tailored to the needs of the customers and use cases prevailing in this area. Throughput, latency, reliability, security, IoT device management and other quality-of-service components are guaranteed based on service level agreements with the customers.
Campus Network solutions can support many industrial use cases in the Industry 4.0 era.

You can find more information about the partnership with OSRAM here.

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