Nadine Mühlbradt joined Deutsche Telekom in 2009 as a dual student and has been loyal to the Magenta Giant ever since. In addition to her master's degree in marketing and communications, she completed an apprenticeship as a graphic designer. She feels most comfortable in creative environments, which is why she is currently at home in personnel marketing.

Articles by Nadine Mühlbradt

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The Internet of Things: science fiction, or already a reality?

IoT will affect how we live together, define our work, and organize our free time in the future. But do we really want to be connected to the Internet at all times, wherever we are? What's your opinion?



Our event highlight: CMD+O

Deutsche Telekom's open workspace opens perspectives and horizons, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with one another.

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How we use agile work and who we are looking for

Agile working methods and mindsets are important components at our company, as well as a requirement of our employees. These new methods are also opening up exciting new job prospects.