Nadine Mühlbradt ist im Jahr 2009 als Duale Studentin bei der Telekom eingestiegen und seither dem Magenta Riesen treu. Neben ihrem Master Studium im Bereich Marketing und Kommunikation absolvierte sie vorab eine Ausbildung zur Grafikdesignerin. Am Wohlsten fühlt sie sich in kreativen Umgebungen, weshalb sie derzeit im Personalmarketing zuhause ist.

Articles by Nadine Mühlbradt

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Femtec fellows meet magenta spirit

On September 26, we welcomed 30 Femtec fellows to excursions at Deutsche Telekom headquarters in Bonn – supported by numerous representatives from a wide variety of departments.

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Open Workspace @ Telekom

Feel like working in an open, spacious and modern location with your Telekom colleagues? Welcome to the Deutsche Telekom open workspace.



Events@Telekom: Hackathon for Ladies only

On November 15th and 16th our first-of-a-kind AI-Hackathon for Ladies only is taking place in Berlin. Together we want to immerse ourselves in the power of Artificial Intelligence and come up with new solutions – and above all, our goal is to educate and...



Our event highlight: CMD+O

Deutsche Telekom's open workspace opens perspectives and horizons, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with one another.