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Deutsche Telekom positive about IFA

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Once again, the Deutsche Telekom booth at IFA 2019 proved an audience magnet. We spoke with Telekom Deutschland Managing Director Dirk Wössner about the key innovations, the special Magenta atmosphere, and his own personal highlight. 

Dirk Wössner

Telekom Deutschland Managing Director Dirk Wössner: "It’s all about emotions".

Mr. Wössner, the six days of IFA are behind us now. As Managing Director responsible for Deutsche Telekom’s operations in Germany, how would you say it went? 

Dirk Wössner: Our #dabei (#takepart) motto was deliberately open to interpretation. Anyone who visited our booth was able to take part, and every day, we are doing all we can to ensure as many people as possible in Germany can take part in digitalization. 

Can you put your positive impression of the trade fair into numbers? 

Wössner: Over the course of the trade fair, a total of around 180.000 visitors came to our booth. For me, there’s more to it than excellent numbers. Our aim was to enable people to experience Magenta. To touch our products, feel digitalization, then think Telekom is a really cool brand. It’s all about emotions. And also about providing both advice about services and products and having a good time at our booth. Our stage program was therefore packed with variety, including former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg, the band The BossHoss, and many other artists.

Which innovations are important to you? 

Wössner: We showcased a whole range of issues related to digitalization. Our well established hat trick consists of: Best networks. Best products. Best service. Specifically, we offered IFA visitors the chance to find out more about broadband rollout, new mobile rate plans, 5G, connected homes, and Deutsche Telekom’s perspective on sustainability. They also had the opportunity to get their smartphones repaired for free. Our Smart Speaker was one of the highlights. It neatly combines form with function. Compared to other smart voice assistants, it has the major advantage of meeting European data security and data protection standards, while also integrating services such as Amazon’s Alexa. By the way, we are right on the mark when it comes to voice control – it was one of the hottest topics at this year’s IFA.  

Speaking of hot topics – everybody’s talking about 5G. This new standard was also a prominent feature of the Deutsche Telekom booth. 

Wössner: Absolutely. Let me say a bit more about this topic. These networks will enable us to bring Germany right to the fore. Perfectly timed for IFA, we launched Germany’s largest coherent 5G coverage area in Berlin. 5G has arrived. More than simply offering 5G on our new mobile rate plans, we have at least doubled the data allowance in every segment. We recently connected the 30-millionth household in Germany with a minimum speed of 50 megabits a second. Oh, and our fast connections don’t end at the front door. There’s no point having the best connection if the speed on your sofa is low. It’s all about home networking. This is an issue that’s really important to me, and which Deutsche Telekom is aiming to explain more clearly. Our Wi-Fi promise commits us to providing optimum connectivity in the home – encompassing advice, installation, and even devices to boost the signal in every room. Do you know what pleased me the most in Berlin? 

Do tell us.

Wössner: The compliments we received from our customers. I listened in around our booth, and talked to many of our business customers myself. We aim to make our service better every day. Precisely these efforts have not gone unnoticed. I heard that in the discussions I had. Our field staff have 30,000 appointments every day. We arrive on time in 98.5 percent of cases. It is my aim that customers should both be able to receive the hottest products from us and know we can be relied on. 


IFA 2019

At IFA, everything revolves around 5G applications and Magenta experience worlds.