Digitization in football

"More than just gut feeling is needed when making decisions" Oliver Bierhoff, manager of the German national soccer team 

Oliver Bierhoff

Oliver Bierhoff: "More than just gut feeling is needed when making decisions"

What role play the analysis of team and strategy data? "Analytic tools are very helpful, but they do not score goals," says Oliver Bierhoff, Manager of the German National Football Team. "Data, however, does help us in making better decisions." 


Interview: The coach is more important than ever before

"The analysis of position data in football will be possible very soon," says Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert, Professor of Cognition and Sports Game Research at the German Sport University in Cologne. "Thus, the coach is more important than ever before," says Memmert.

Schaubild: Anstoß für Hightech

Graphical illustration: Kickoff for high tech

German Football Champion and Cup Winner 2016 – FC Bayern München - leads the field, even when it comes to having world-class stadium technology. The football club relies on the StadiumVision offering from Deutsche Telekom to master current and future challenges. Our diagram illustrates the role played by digital technology at the Allianz Arena over the past season.

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