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AI: The future needs optimists

The future needs optimists

Despite all of Hollywood’s horror scenarios, Martin Wezowski is staunchly optimistic about the future.

Digital Responsibility

AI Guidelines

Deutsche Telekom defines its own policy for the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


Artificial intelligence. Everything OK?

Optimists hope that AI will solve all problems. Pessimists fear that AI will take over power. Who is right?

Smart City

The smart city as an incubator for true democracy

Francesca Bria has a vision: the smart city as a place where democracy and participation thrive.

Image AI puppets

Are we all puppets from Facebook & Co?

Social media manipulate us. We are uninformed and live in filter bubbles. The mature, responsible citizens among us are disappearing.

Das Bild der Justitia illustriert die Frage: Sind Algorithmen objektiv?

Are algorithms objective?

Are decisions made by algorithms more objective than those made by human beings? Melinda Lohmann, University of St. Gallen, says “no.”

AI ist not the better man

AI is not the better person

Is the machine superior to man? For Professor Dr. Sarah Spiekermann man must always have the last word. Then AI can inspire man.

China and the algorithms

China and the algorithms

The Chinese "social credit score" shows how artificial intelligence can change our lives.

Artificial intelligence and consumer protection

It's about us as people

AI and big data can use our data trails to build complex profiles of us. But what about consumer protection? German Federal minister...

Sophia, probably the most famous humanoid robot.

Human-like machines

Should robots have human-like appearances? A video interview with David Hanson, the inventor of Sophia.

Eckhardt von Hirschhausen

AI in medicine

Eckart von Hirschhausen on artificial intelligence, patients and humour.

Future of mobility

This is how we get from A to B tomorrow

Take your morning flight to the office with a taxi drone? Have your car drive you to work? Or shoot through a vacuum tube in a passenger...

Kind freut sich

Digitization for the greater good​​​​​​​

Should we see the digital revolution simply as a threat or does it contain within it the potential to make the world a better place?

Image Future Work

On the way to a guaranteed basic income?

Will people just become lazy when they start getting money without having to do anything for it?

Image AI

Pimp my body, pimp my brain

An interface between our brains and computers could turn us into "better" people – and thereby create a new species, homo digitalis.


Are we Atlantis 2?

Are we Atlantis 2 – the legendary and highly developed island that suddenly disappeared under the sea?

Roboter in lauschender Haltung

Does Artificial Intelligence have feelings?

Almost no other aspect of digitization instills as much fear as Artificial Intelligence (AI). We examine this question and have asked two...

Big Data for health

Big data in health care

The special describes the pros and cons of big data in health care.

Digital Christmas

Christmas, an analog holiday in a digital age

How do children today see Christmas? Does this traditional holiday still have any meaning for them?

Symbolbild Künstliche Intelligenz

Keep calm – it's just technology!

How far does the potential of artificial intelligence reach?

Symbolic picture Cyber security

Cyber Security

Security, subjective in Israel and Germany.

Ranga Yogeshwar

The remarkable power of algorithms

When zeros and ones determine our lives.

Digitaler Transformation

Business Model Digitization

Companies looking to the future.

Skyline at night with streams in the night sky

Information capitalism

Information and data as the new gold standard.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Who thinks that science fiction is a spinning, should rethink.

Robo Sapiens

Robo Sapiens

How human can robots become?

Graphic: The image of the journalist has changed over the time

Digital journalism

What is the future of journalism?

Tie with Share Post It

Just how social is the sharing economy?

The American columnist Steven Hill about the future of work.

A man is clasping his laptop protoctively.

Tame digitization

Video interview: Thomas Kremer asks Peter Schaar.

Video interview with Ranga Yogeshwar

Interview with Ranga Yogeshwar

Is the Internet the "midwife of a democratic world?"

Cebit 2015

Digital economy

What do CEOs of big companies think about Digitization?

Asian board game Go

Will Google's digital superbrain win?

Timotheus Höttges asks Google Incs CEO Sundar Pichai.

Artificial Intelligence – the path to digital slavery?

Artificial Intelligence

Robots: tools for our benefit or a threat?

Group of students sitting on stairs.

Computer Pisa

Does school prepare children adequately for digitization?

Interview links im Bild Rob Nail, rechts Timotheus Höttges.

Digital opportunities, digital risks

Tim Höttges asks the CEO of the Singularity University, Rob Nail.

Telekom Europa-Vorstand Claudia Nemat (links) und Gesche Joost (rechts), Internetbotschafterin der Bundesregierung.

About education and Big Data

Should we teach programming at school, Ms. Joost?