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Eyal Balicer

Eyal Balicer

Eyal Balicer is the former Head of Research and Analysis at the Israel National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister's Office. We asked him about cultural differences and how this is related to Big Data and data protection.

Professor Wilfried Bos, Director of the Institute for School Development Research at TU Dortmund University

Professor Wilfried Bos

"In Germany, students learn how to use computers... in spite of schools," says Wilfried Bos, Professor of Educational Research and Quality Assurance at Dortmund University and Director of the Institute for School Development Research.

Isaac Ben Israel, Leiter des Programms „Science Technology and Security“ an der University von Tel Aviv.

Pinhas Buchris

Pinhas Buchris is a recognised leader in the development of Israel’s military intelligence, cyber and technology capabilities (Ret. Brig. General) and an experienced investor. We asked him about cyber security.

Professor Michael Decker

Professor Michael Decker

Michael Decker is Professor of Technology Assessment at the Institute of Philosophy of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). His scientific work focuses on the methodology of interdisciplinary research and technology assessment in robotics and nanotechnology. We talked to Michael Decker about opportunities and risks of autonomous driving.

Kenn Goldberg

Ken Goldberg

Goldberg says, "When we look at robots (...) we gain an appreciation for what humans are very good at." We spoke with him about artificial intelligence and about the interplay between man and machine.

Dr. Thomas Kremer, Board member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance

Thomas Kremer

Thomas Kremer is a member of Deutsche Telekom's Board of Management responsible for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance and a member of the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code. In his article "AI with a Human Conscience," he deals with artificial intelligence.

Ralf Lamberti

Ralf Lamberti

Ralf Lamberti is CEO - Daimler Brand & IP Management GmbH & Co. KG, Director Intellectual Property, Trends & Innovation. Most recently responsible for the pre- and series development of Connected Car & User Interaction at Mercedes Benz, Lamberti stands for the "car experience space".  He gave us insights into the new multifunctional space of autonomous cars.

Susanne Lebkücher

Susanne Lebkücher

Susanne Lebkücher works for Telekom at the interface between humans and artificial intelligence (AI). She tests new developments such as digital assistants directly with customers, for example in workshops. We talked to her about artificial intelligence.

Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier

A Renaissance Man for the 21st century, Jaron Lanier is a comput­er scientist, composer, artist, and author who writes on numerous topics. In his opinion we do not have to be afraid of intelligent machines.

Isaac Ben Israel, Leiter des Programms „Science Technology and Security“ an der University von Tel Aviv.

Jeanette Manfra

Jeanette Manfra serves as the Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD). Thomas Kremer, Telekom board member for data privacy, legal affairs and compliance aks her about security.

Alexander Markowetz, born in 1976, is a computer scientist and author.

Alexander Markowetz

The author of "Digital Burnout" gives lectures and seminars on the impact of being "Always On". Here, he speaks about strategies for a healthy usage of technology.

Rob Nail

Tim Höttges asks Rob Nail

Will artificial intelligence and human spirit become one? And if so, what are the consequences? Tim Höttges asks Rob Nail, CEO and Associate founder of Singularity University.

Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Technology and Innovation.

Claudia Nemat

What do I like to talk about most when I meet social opinion makers? We can shape the ongoing process of digitalization. We are not victims, we are architects. But we have to wake up. We need to discuss in detail and actively shape what artificial intelligence and robots mean for our work, education, health and social cohesion. An article by Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Technology and Innovation.

Dr. Michael Otto

Dr. Michael Otto

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Hamburg-based retail and services group Otto explains how the company successfully transformed from classical catalog business into a successfull ecommerce merchant.

Gabriele Semino

Gabriele Semino

Gabriele Semino is project manager of a group of students at the Technical University of Munich who are building prototypes of the futuristic Hyperloop transport proposed by Elon Musk (Tesla) as part of the international "SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition". In summer 2018 his team won the main prize of the competition for the second time in a row. We talked to Gabriele Semino about the traffic of the future in the urban agglomeration.


Guy Standing

Guy Standing is a Professorial Research Associate at SOAS, University of London, and a founder and co-President of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), an NGO promoting basic income as a right.

Video interview with Ranga Yogeshwar

Ranga Yogeshwar

Ranga Yogeshwar completed his degree in Physics at Aachen University of Technology (majoring in Experimental Particle Physics and Astrophysics) and then joined the Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln television station in 1987, where he produced science programs.