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Deutsche Telekom is continuously looking for new technology and product partners in order to differentiate and optimize its portfolio.

Deutsche Telekom is continuously looking for new technology and product partners.

Together with partners Deutsche Telekom offers a wider range of products and services.

With new and innovative partner solutions we want to improve the customer experience and grow. DT wants to be No. 1 European TelCo partner.

The company will continue to develop its own ideas, of course, but is also open to outside innovations and is increasing its emphasis on collaboration. The objective is to offer a wider range of products and services together with partners. Major, global corporations as well as small startups can become partners on equal terms.

Smart combinations

Partners benefit from many new potential users, which Deutsche Telekom contributes with its 142 million mobile communications customers, 31 million fixed-network subscribers and 17 million broadband customers. Partners can also offer their services in the best Telekom network and benefit from the company's sales strengths in Europe.

Customers benefit

With this approach, Deutsche Telekom can differentiate its portfolio from the competition and offer its customers the latest developments and services. Further In-house ideas can be enhanced with developments of external partners. Intelligent approaches can often be cleverly combined - so that the blend gives the customer an even greater experience. Customers can choose from the best offerings.

Plug-and-play power strip

To make services available to Deutsche Telekom customers quickly and easily, Telekom is building a partner system for innovative services - partners can plug in just like a power strip. Deutsche Telekom ensures fast access to standardized interfaces and also takes care of billing, security and transmission quality in the background. Customers can then book these services quickly and easily - such as Spotify's music streaming service.

Deutsche Telekom's investment management group.


DT Capital Partners is Deutsche Telekom's investment management group.