Financial Results 2000

Full year results 2000

  • More than 600,000 T-DSL lines sold by the end of 2000.
  • Still the world 's leading ISDN provider with over 17 million ISDN channels.
  • Unabated growth of customer base in mobile communications: T-Mobil doubled subscriber figures to total of more than 19 million. Through its consolidated companies, T-Mobile International served over 31 million subscribers. At the end of 2000, some 42 million users had subscribed to mobile services offered by Deutsche Telekom's subsidiaries and filiated companies around the globe.
  • Entry into the American wireless market through our planned acquisition of VoiceStream/Powertel.
  • With around 8 million subscribers, T-Online is market leader in Internet access and boasts a reach that ranks top among European providers.
  • With a majority shareholding in debis Systemhaus, we are on our way to becoming a European e-business leader.

Third quarter results 2000

  • Planned acquisition of the carrier Powertel to make a major contribution to the nationwide coverage of the communications market
  • Deutsche Telekom and One 2 One agree credit lines with a total equivalent value of EUR 18 billion with bank consortium
  • acquisition enables T-Online to enter Spanish and Portuguese Internet markets
  • Continued strong subscriber growth in mobile communications,T-Online and ISDN
  • Federal Cartel Office approves Deutsche Telekom's acquisition of a majority shareholding in debis Systemhaus without imposing any restrictions
  • T-Mobile International acquires UMTS license in the Netherlands and stake in Dutch mobile carrier BEN for approximately EUR 1 billion
  • max.mobil.acquires UMTS license in Austria for approximately EUR 170 million
  • Deutsche Telekom shareholders receive approximately 10 million bonus shares

Financial Results for Second Quarter 2000

  • Planned acquisition of the mobile communications operator VoiceStream will open up fastest growing telecommunications sector in the USA for Deutsche Telekom
  • Deutsche Telekom acquires UMTS license in Germany for EUR 8.5 billion
  • Following successful initial public offering of T-Online, first sale of T-Shares held by the Federal Republic/KfW was oversubscribed 3.5 times as a global offering
  • Largest bond in history with an equivalent value of US$14.6 billion issued successfully
  • Continued strong growth in number of subscribers for mobile communications, T-Online and ISDN
  • Sale of stake in Italian company Wind to generate tax-free income of approximately EUR 2.3 billion
  • Deutsche Telekom increases its stake in the Hungarian company MATÁV to 59.53 %for approximately EUR 2.3 billion
  • Deutsche Telekom acquires the majority stake in the leading Slovakian telecommunications company Slovenske telekomunikácie for EUR 1 billion
  • Deutsche Telekom increases its stake in the Swiss fixed-network company Multilink SA to 100 %


Financial Results for First Quarter 2000

  • Successful offering of T-Online despite difficult market environment
  • Joint venture planned with debis makes Deutsche Telekom second-largest systems house in Europe
  • Revenue increases despite continued competitive pressure
  • Net income taken on a comparable basis remains at previous year 's level
  • Growth in mobile communications, online and ISDN accelerates
  • Continuation of internationalization strategy with purchase of 99.9 % of Club Internet in France and majority shareholding in Radiomobil in the Czech Republic,as well as increased shareholding in max.mobil.
  • Sale of shares in Global One generates tax-free proceeds of EUR 2.9 billion in the first quarter
  • Sale of majority shareholdings in the broadband cable network in North-Rhine/Westphalia and Hesse


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