Financial Results 2001

Full year results 2001

Modern teams - the financial year 2001

  • More than 100 million customer relationships in our four core divisions.
  • One of the largest voice communication carriers in the global market.
  • Among the largest mobile service providers in the world, with around 67 million customers served by companies in which we have a majority or a minority shareholding.
  • An excellent position in the transatlantic mobile communications business.
  • Including its points of presence in important European markets, T-Online is one of the largest Internet service providers in Europe in terms of customer base and revenue.
  • T-Systems is the second-largest system solutions provider in Europe.

Financial Results for Third Quarter 2001

  • Revenue increased by 20 % to EUR 35.0 billion after nine months
  • Cash generated from operations increased by one fifth to EUR 10.4 billion
  • Net income minus EUR 1 billion
  • Net debt reduced by EUR 5.8 billion in the third quarter to EUR 65.2 billion
  • Strong growth in T-DSL, ISDN, mobile and online subscribers


Financial Results for Second Quarter 2001

  • Acquisition of VoiceStream and Powertel completed successfully
  • Group revenue increased by 17 %to EUR 22.5 billion
  • International proportion of total revenue reaches 23 %
  • Group EBITDA increase,excluding special influences6,of 12 % to EUR 7.2 billion
  • EBITDA from mobile communications more than doubled compared with the first half of 2000 to EUR 1.4 billion
  • T-D1 market leader in Germany
  • Number of T-DSL lines reaches 1 million
  • Continued strong growth in ISDN
  • Offer filed to increase stake in the Croatian company Hrvatske telekomunikacije 51 %
  • Sale of Sprint shares generates high one-time proceeds
  • Successful issue of euro bond for EUR 8 billion
  • Deutsche Telekom maintains "A-"-rating for bonds


Financial Results for First Quarter 2001

  • Continued customer growth and marked increase in revenue in all four pillars
  • Group revenue increased by 16.2 percent to EUR 11.1 billion
  • Group EBITDA EUR 3.6 billion
  • All regulatory approvals for the acquisition of VoiceStream and Powertel have been given
  • Registration of sale of Sprint FON shares on track with the SEC
  • Stake in Czech Radiomobil increased to 60.8 percent at April 1,2001
  • Acquisition of 51 percent majority stake in Macedonian Telekom via MATÁV
  • Deutsche Telekom signs letter of intent with the Klesch-Liberty Media consortium for the sale of the remaining cable regions
  • Board of Management restructured


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