Win with partners

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"Win with partners" is one of the four elements of Deutsche Telekom's strategy. This underscores the importance of cooperation for Deutsche Telekom's future success.

Discussion with six people from above

The company will continue to develop its own ideas, of course, but is also open to outside innovations and is increasing its emphasis on collaboration. The objective is to offer a wider range of products and services together with partners. Major, global corporations as well as small startups can become partners on equal terms.

Smart combinations

This way, in-house ideas can be enhanced by developments of external partners. Intelligent approaches can often be cleverly combined - so that the blend gives the customer an even greater experience.

Partnerships help Deutsche Telekom to set itself apart from the competition.

The best networks and service are the foundation for our success with customers. However, customers also expect the latest apps and services from the online world. That's why Deutsche Telekom taps the innovative strength of Silicon Valley, Germany and other innovation hot spots.

For business customers, too

Examples of such partnerships include Evernote, dropbox and Lookout. The approach applies equally to the business customer segment. Here, for example, Deutsche Telekom has formed a partnership with, a vendor of cloud-based CRM solutions. In the area of IT security and cybersecurity, Deutsche Telekom's experts now work closely together with FireEye.

To make services available to Deutsche Telekom customers quickly and easily, Telekom is building a partner system for innovative services - partners can plug in just like a power strip.

Deutsche Telekom ensures fast access to standardized interfaces and also takes care of billing, security and transmission quality in the background. Customers can then book these services quickly and easily - such as Spotify's music streaming service.

Targeted funding of startups

In May 2012, Deutsche Telekom began supporting selected startups with the establishment of their companies and the realization of their products and business ideas. By establising hub:raum in Berlin and hub:raum in Krakow, independent incubators have been founded. Early-stage ideas are supported with funding and expertise - both internal and external - and accompanied on their path to market maturity.

13 startups supported

In total, 13 startups have been supported to date. One example is qlearning, a learning platform for students. Another is Blinkist, an app that offers summaries of non-fiction books. Vigour, a technical solution, is also successful. It creates seamless multiscreen user experiences.

Deutsche Telekom has successfully partnered with key software and hardware players for many years. Examples include Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.

Both sides benefit mutually from one another's market and brand presence and work together for the success of new products. A current example is a cooperation with Amazon, which involves the exclusive marketing of the Fire Phone in Germany through Deutsche Telekom.

The best solutions for core business

Deutsche Telekom also works closely together with a number of partners to give corporate and business customers the best solutions for their core business. One example is the long-standing partnership with SAP, particularly in the cloud computing area. In addition, T-Systems is currently the only partner in Europe for Cisco's Intercloud platform.

Normal competitive process

The fact that Deutsche Telekom also competes with these large companies, in addition to being their partners, is a standard competitive process, sometimes called "coopetition".

Deutsche Telekom builds standardized platforms that are open to partners. The Entertain TV service is a good example.

It has long become a crucial element of core business, which is why Deutsche Telekom is modernizing its TV platform in Germany and throughout Europe: with live TV and additional video and Internet offerings, through partners such as Sky and Netflix.

30 partners on board

Another open platform is "Qivicon." It involves the networking and control of home technology - for example, heating, electricity and security. Qivicon was launched in 2013 and some 30 partners are already on board - including major appliance manufacturers such as Miele and Samsung, energy providers like EnBW and even specialist vendors like speaker manufacturer Sonos.

Access to cloud resources

T-Systems has also established a cloud platform that gives customers and partners simple access to cloud resources. Deutsche Telekom also ensures simple interconnection between the different cloud platforms of other providers (cloud brokerage).

Deutsche Telekom pursues financial investments in interesting partners in Germany and abroad through corporate venturing.

Deutsche Telekom launched Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments (DTSI), a new unit designed to streamline and accelerate investment in technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) innovation.

DTSI is the natural evolution of T-Venture, Deutsche Telekom’s strategic venture capital group. Founded in 1997, with a cumulative budget volume of over 750 million Euro, T-Venture is one of the largest corporate venture funds in the technology industry. The firm has made over 200 investments and currently manages a portfolio of around 90 companies, including several ‘unicorns’.

T-Venture is the foundation of DTSI, which will also include Telekom Innovation Pool (TIP), another Deutsche Telekom strategic investment fund. The combined unit will have over 360 million Euro in capital under management.

DTSI is operational effective immediately. The group will manage the existing T-Venture portfolio, including follow-on investment; the T-Venture brand will be subsumed by that of DTSI.

Win with partners - the various cooperation models create win-win situations and generate growth for both sides, because both have the same objectives.

Partners benefit from many new potential users, which Deutsche Telekom contributes with its 142 million mobile communications customers, 31 million fixed-network subscribers and 17 million broadband customers. Partners can also offer their services in the best Telekom network and benefit from the company's sales strengths in Europe.

Customers benefit

With this approach, Deutsche Telekom can set itself apart from the competition and offer its customers the latest developments and services. In this way, the Company underlines its position as a leading provider for connected life. And of course, customers benefit, because they can choose from the best offerings.