Focus topic Extended Reality

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Extended reality (XR) technologies are providing businesses with the opportunity to create a competitive edge in their market and offer consumers enhanced experiences across daily life. Through the blending of digital and physical realities, XR solutions promise to solve many future business and consumer needs.

Extended Reality from Home

Extended Reality from Home.

At Deutsche Telekom, we believe in being at the cutting-edge of the future of extended reality. We work with a broad portfolio of partners to offer state-of-the-art XR solutions. To do so, we leverage our global scouting offices, our strategic partner relations, our hubraum XR developer community, and our XR industry relations, which we worked to build up over recent years.

Our XR team builds unique extended reality experiences as the pioneer among telcos and brings them to both business customers and end consumers across Europe and the globe.

AR/VR Value Created

We work with both external and internal partners to create opportunities as a telco to operate in the field of extended reality. By leveraging ICT and its infrastructure, we push developments forward in XR and promote their adoption. Through strategic partnerships, we are bringing early-stage startups and global enterprises together to quickly bring new XR solutions to market.

Our Approach

We work to identify and build use cases for virtual and augmented reality for consumer and business customers. Our project scope ranges from lighthouse showcases all the way to compelling scenarios for daily usage. The goal is to identify where the opportunity to implement XR technology exists and then match the right XR solution to the use case. Primarily, these projects involve the use of Deutsche Telekom services or adjacent cases.

The end result is that we continue to be able to pave the way as a telco to contribute to the rich future of XR technology while simultaneously benefiting our partners and customers.



From high-quality content services to out-of-the-box hardware solutions, we are invested in designing entertainment that delights our customers while simultaneously benefiting our partners.