Focus topic Extended Reality

Imagine a world where the line between digital and physical reality is blurred. The experiences we have in our daily work and lives are enhanced and enriched by immersive technologies. That's the promise of Extended Reality (XR) - to revolutionize the experiences we all have while providing a unique competitive advantage to the tech solutions that harness its potential.

Extended Reality from Home

Extended Reality from Home.

Collaborative innovation is at the heart of Deutsche Telekom: we believe that enabling forward-thinking startup teams with access to the resources and know-how of the digital telco leader is crucial to making tech breakthroughs.

By leveraging our vast XR developer community (via hubraum, our tech incubator) and global scouting offices, our XR team is co-transforming the craft of immersion - one solution at a time. Let's build a PoC that will shape how we interact with each other! Let our team walk you through the process of working with the digital leading telco - whether you're an established player in the XR industry or a newcomer, we are eager to hear from you!

Deutsche Telekom’s Extended Reality partnering portfolio consists of diverse solutions focusing on Metaverse apps, Mixed Reality portals, VR games, and more, making us a pioneer among telcos.

Creating Value with AR/VR

Our team aims to co-innovate a better future, combining our internal tech expertise and external strategic partners’ cutting-edge solutions. We leverage ICT and Deutsche Telekom’s infrastructure to actively collaborate on building the future of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Our goal is to continuously achieve shared goals and ambitions. In the past, Deutsche Telekom’s collaboration with promising XR startups and innovators has provided various exciting solutions, implementing innovative technology every step of the way.

Our Approach

Our process begins with identifying the opportunities to implement XR technologies and then matching the right XR solution to the use case. We co-build AR and VR use cases for consumer and business customers in all markets that Deutsche Telekom serves. ranging from lighthouse showcases and AR simulators to other compelling daily-use scenarios. All projects make use of Deutsche Telekom’s services or adjacent cases.

While our scouts continuously identify and approach AR and VR innovators to potentially partner with, our contact form is open to XR developer teams and startups that believe we could co-build great technologies!

A consumer device connected in the home.

Focus topic Consumer IoT

We intend to generate the most attractive consumer portfolio of IoT products and services that services and assists people best.