Global New Business Development

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The Global New Business Development team at Deutsche Telekom seeks to deliver new business opportunities to Deutsche Telekom, simultaneously providing added value for our customers.

Two colleagues collaborating on a project, with papers and laptops spread out in front of them on a work desk.

Business Development Collaboration

These global opportunities are validated by our team and deliver a measurable business, customer, or societal impact. Along the way we scout, promote, and accelerate new business opportunities in and beyond core business by combining innovative partners and new evolving technologies with Deutsche Telekom assets. This leads to tangible business and customer value creation.

By defining the right success criteria for our evaluation process, we can identify the score and priority of an opportunity for Deutsche Telekom. As a horizon team, we are able to cover high-impact outside-in opportunities addressed by the Board of Management (BoM), as well as innovation exploration opportunities based on respective high scoring and pre-qualification. This allows us to provide a balanced view of the overarching new business opportunity pipeline at Deutsche Telekom.

Value Created

We support Deutsche Telekom’s transformation towards being the Leading Digital Telco in our fast-paced, increasingly digital ecosystem. We complement the short-term daily business focus by providing an informed and inspirational lens for horizon opportunities.

Through our work, we involve the wider Deutsche Telekom Business Owner organization as an integral part of Innovation Deep Dives (IDD). This helps to foster innovation speed and buy-in. Our joint pursuit teams, including our Technology & Innovation Unit (VTI) and Deutsche Telekom Business Owners, are best leveraged to improve execution speed and reliability. And our global perspective provides assistance across business innovation topics. Finally, as a single point of contact (SPOC), we can help ensure management’s attention on follow-ups.

Use-Case Approach

We proactively scout, evaluate, and qualify new business opportunities and revenue pools for Deutsche Telekom in close collaboration with key stakeholders. We run cross-functional, group-wide project-based programs, Proof Of Concepts (POCs), Pilots, and business model validations to prove values and attain business owner buy-in early in the process. We are continually looking for new internal and external partners to target key global business opportunities that accelerate Deutsche Telekom’s goals.