Global New Business Development

As the leading digital telco, our Global New Business Development team is all about finding fresh opportunities that empower our customers and drive measurable impact. We continuously explore the business landscape, looking for exciting new ventures within and beyond our core business. By blending innovative partners, emerging technologies, and our own resources, we create real value for our business and customers.

Two colleagues collaborating on a project, with papers and laptops spread out in front of them on a work desk.

Business Development Collaboration

Our scouting teams use clear success criteria to evaluate and prioritize potential partners. As innovation-seekers, we tackle high-impact projects and actively look for cutting-edge solutions that could redefine our business. Our approach ensures we always have a balanced and dynamic pipeline of new business opportunities that are ripe for growth and innovation.

Creating Value in Business Development

Together with our Technology & Innovation unit, we improve execution speed and reliability through joint pursuit teams. From a global perspective, we provide assistance on business innovation topics. As a single point of contact, we ensure our management's attention on follow-ups to ensure the success of all collaborative efforts.

We're committed to driving innovation forward at Deutsche Telekom. To ensure we remain the global digital leader, our teams balance our daily business goals with a forward-thinking perspective, seeking out exciting new opportunities and partners.

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Our Approach

Collaboration is at the heart of Deutsche Telekom. As soon as we identify a business challenge that we want to tackle, our scouting teams start looking for fitting business partners.

By building strategic partnerships with promising startups, forward-thinking teams, and established global players, we utilize our internal resources to their full potential, while sharing our unique telco capabilities for mutual benefit.