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Deutsche Telekom's EntertainTV represents the entertainment experience of the future in top quality. Niek Jan van Damme, Deutsche Telekom Board Member, discusses the highlights of the new Entertain TV.


The 10 EntertainTV highlights

EntertainTV introduces viewers to a new-generation experience – through a unique combination of live TV, on-demand content and easy-to-use functions for every type of television receiver.

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Snow-.covered mountain with Restaurantbuilding on top, antennas to be seen.


Magio TV: a Slovak tale of growth

How much do you actually know about Slovakia? Unless you are a passionate hiker and the High Tatras -with peaks over 2500m and glacier lakes- speak to your heart, probably not much. und die Telekom übertragen ab sofort Amateursport-Veranstaltungen.


Amateur sport on TV and Deutsche Telekom are now showing Germany's sporting events.

Frank Fitzek (on the left side) and Bruno Jacobfeuerborn discussing plans for 2017


Partnership bears fruit

Collaboration between Deutsche Telekom AG and 5G Lab Germany (Dresden University of Technology) is set to intensify.


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