DT Capital Partners

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Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners is Deutsche Telekom's investment management group.

Deutsche Telekom's investment management group.

Deutsche Telekom's investment management group.

With over one billion dollars under management and advisory, and a portfolio of over 70 companies, we provide venture capital, special situation investments, and advisory services to the technology, media and telecommunication sectors.

Operating as a bridge between Europe, Silicon Valley, and Israel, we connect people, capital, and ideas to accelerate innovation and provide value to our portfolio companies, our limited partners, and the connected world.

Venture Capital

We invest financial and strategic venture capital in European, Silicon Valley and Israel-based technology companies. We look for technology assets with sophisticated intellectual property and differentiated business models with high disruption potential. DTCP is focused on revenue generating companies in the expansion stage, ideally with an annualized revenue run rate of multiple million euros. Our current scope lies within the enterprise software and infrastructure, including Big Data, analytics, IoT, Cyber Security, Cloud & Network Infrastructure, and AI.

Special Situations

We invest in technology, media and telecommunication companies alongside corporate and financial sponsors. We focus on companies with leading market positions and strong management teams that are looking to take the next step. We look to increase the value of our portfolio companies by leveraging our network of corporate partners.


We advise our corporate sponsors and advisory portfolio companies on strategic matters including technology, business development, investments, M&A, capital raise and risk management.

T-Labs is the R&D unit of Deutsche Telekom.

Research and Development

Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) is the R&D unit of Deutsche Telekom.