Focus topic Consumer IoT

As the digital telco leader, we are acutely aware of the importance of consumer IoT solutions - ranging from different lifestyle and family categories (incl. pets), elderly, consumer health, active life and more. With a strong focus on human-centric design, various teams across Deutsche Telekom are passionately engaged in discovering, customizing, and co-inventing products tailored to our customers' needs. Our shared vision is to integrate various services into a single device, placing the needs and desires of our customers at the heart of everything we do.

A consumer device connected in the home.

With the Consumer IoT topic team, we intend to generate the most attractive consumer portfolio of IoT products and services that services people every day. © Astrid Grossner

Creating Value in Consumer IoT Devices

Imagine having all the information about your machines and devices at the push of a button. How would your life and business efficiency improve?

Our team focuses on delivering high-quality consumer IoT devices that exceed the limitations of smartphones and leverage the full potential of mobile and wireless connectivity. 
Naturally, our top priority remains IoT security, while ensuring all customers and their data are safe.
Do you believe your IoT device or solution could create greater value with the help of Deutsche Telekom’s resources? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about it.

Our Approach

The IoT projects we work on always have a direct connection to the obstacles our customers, teams, and other stakeholders face.

Once the challenge we want to tackle is clear, our scouting teams start looking for strategic partners whose solutions are best-fit to the goal we want to reach. Ultimately, we open up our internal telco resources and look for the best ways to combine them with our partners’ solutions to co-create the future of consumer IoT devices.

A male and female colleague, sitting at their respective work desks.

Enterprise Digitization

At Deutsche Telekom, our Enterprise Digitization Team supports our stakeholders in defining a digital transformation strategy.