Focus topic Consumer IoT

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The focus topic helps Deutsche Telekom to grow further in the consumer IoT business with finding and customizing products to its customer’s needs and connecting different services to one experience to make life easier and keeping an eye on their loved belongings. 
All of this is happening in close cooperation with the business segments and our National Companies.

Consumer Iot & Smart Home

We are ranging from strategic partners to startups in the different lifestyle categories family (incl. pets), elderly, consumer health and active life. We identify the biggest customers challenges and pain points and scout for the most innovative and attractive partners to solve them with a demand driven approach.

Value created

We get the most out of mobile and wireless connectivity for consumers beyond smartphones and tablets.

If you are a (potential) partner, with a value add in consumers daily life please reach out to us!

Use-Case Approach

We analyses customer demands and challenges based on proposition definition and scout for fitting solutions (from longlist to shortlist), qualify these and launch them through Deutsche Telekom or partner sales channels in our markets.

A male and female colleague, sitting at their respective work desks.

Enterprise Digitization

At Deutsche Telekom, our Enterprise Digitization Team supports our stakeholders in defining a digital transformation strategy.