Partnering Strategy

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The speed of innovation in IT and Telecommunications is getting faster. For several years, Deutsche Telekom has been successfully focussing on close cooperation with its partners, using an Open Innovation strategy.

hubraum is the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom.

hubraum is the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom.

Netflix, Microsoft, Huawei, Mojio, as well as numerous other innovation partnerships illustrate Deutsche Telekom’s ability to cooperate with a variety of different partners. It is our stated goal to become the number one operator for Partnering, thus complementing our core assets, such as network, sales, service and brand.

Partnering is an essential part of the Group’s strategy, guided by the principle of “simplifying, digitalising, speeding up”. By means of strategic partnerships, Deutsche Telekom wants to provide valuable solutions to its customers faster and simpler. Moreover, digitalised and automated production processes will lead to an increase in productivity.

Different types of partner cooperation models create win-win situations. Both sides benefit from the other’s strong market and brand presence, working together on successful new products. By offering the latest developments and services, Deutsche Telekom is able to distinguish itself from its competitors.
To achieve this goal, Deutsche Telekom is searching the innovation hotspots of the world for the best national and international partners for its ecosystem. This means that small start-ups can just as well become partners at eye-level as the large, globally operating corporations.

Our concept is: open the door to explore synergies and intensify cooperation.

Contact us if you want to develop new business fields with us!

Focus topics

Deutsche Telekom is leading the implementation of 5G in Germany. 5G provides the opportunity to revolutionize the way we use mobile networks. Where others talk about the possibilities we finally realize applications together with our partners. We focus especially on enterprise customers to provide them a network fitted exactly to their advanced requirements.

Special 5G

The number of devices we connect to our network grows exponentially. However, the challenge is not only to connect the devices, but to provide orchestration and management solutions to handle all the devices. Big data is the key technology to create value from IoT. We offer together with our partners end-to-end solutions for our customers ensuring maximal benefit.

Special IoT

Everybody talks about AI technology. We at Deutsche Telekom face the challenge to realize concrete AI applications providing real benefits beyond marketing promises. Already today we successfully implemented AI applications for example in the customer service. However, chat bots and voice assistants are not the limit of what is possible together with our partners.

Special Artificial intelligence. Everything OK?

Security is one of our key promises. However, we face today more cyberthreats than ever before. We are seeking to provide innovate new solutions for businesses and private costumers to make our digital world more secure. We cover together with our partners all areas like enterprise, mobile or network security.


We are aware that blockchain technology can be used for more than crypto currencies. We see large potential of the technology for our customers as well as for internal purposes. We are seeking to realize new blockchain applications together with partners creating value for Deutsche Telekom and for its customers.