Special #AIHack4Mobility


Deutsche Telekom is organizing an online hackathon on March 18 and 19 2021 on the subject of mobility and the slogan "Artificial Intelligence for Diversity Teams".

Diversity is a top priority at Deutsche Telekom!

Diverse teams consist of different nationalities and cultures, religions, different age groups and genders, people with or without disabilities and different sexual identities. 

It is precisely this diversity that is important to us since we are convinced that it is different perspectives of diverse people that together produce unique ideas. Furthermore, especially in the responsible development of AI systems, it is important that as many different cultural and social aspects as possible are taken into account in order to enable these systems to make truly fair and prejudice-free decisions.

This is why we want to bring together once again this year very different people to work together on new ideas and solutions for future technologies in an AI Hackathon. 

Be part of it! Diverse teams, diverse ideas!

Who are we looking for?

  • Programmer – and computer enthusiasts
  • Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Mobility Experts
  • Machine Learning Experts
  • IT specialist of every kind

When and where?

The #AIHack4Mobility takes place at the 18th and 19th of March 2021 virtually. This is made possible by the team from Code+Design@Telekom, which realizes the production and digital implementation. It is a free event of Deutsche Telekom AG for technically experienced and interested people from all areas.

In order to safeguard you a place as a participant in our AI Hackathon, register soon here. Deadline for applications is on the 10th of March.

Terms and Conditions

About last year:


What will the future of mobility look like? 
And how can artificial intelligence help to make this future more employee-friendly?  

The issue of sustainable mobility is a moving one – not least for Deutsche Telekom in times of a changing business world. After all, mobility, especially in a business context, has to adapt to the working environment, which can change daily, while at the same time being as cost-efficient, comfortable and eco-friendly as possible.

The goal of this year's Hackathon #AIHack4Mobility is to use machine learning algorithms to understand the specific demands that the increasingly dynamic business world already places on different mobility service providers:

  • Which specific movement patterns are generated by commuters in rush hour traffic?
  • Where are previously unknown weak points in the coverage of public transport?
  • How can public transport and on-demand solutions to reach a specific destination ideally be combined and used in the most effective way?
  • What can a demand-oriented “mobility sharing” approach of the future look like?
  • How can business travel become more eco-friendly in the future?
  • What is the optimal mobility mix for different user profiles?

In order to find answers to these and similar questions, we provide comprehensive mobility data as well as various public data sets and APIs. Let's hack!

  • main price: 5,000 euros
  • Second Price: 3,000 euros
  • Third Price: 2,000 euros

The prize will be distributed equally to each member of the winning team

Our purpose at the Hackathon is to concentrate on useful ideas and less onto the development of algorithms. The results can be "Solution Blueprints" - a mixture of visualizations, web pages, codes with algorithms etc. The jury will trace the winners with the aid of following criteria: Innovation, Scalability, business potential, technological approach, ethical aspects of the solution, presentation of the solution.


Code+Design@Telekom in the Technology & Innovation Board Area at Deutsche Telekom AG emerged from a transformation program within Telekom IT GmbH. The aim of our offerings is to break with traditional forms of training and existing educational formats in order to make the workforce - junior staff, professionals and managers - FIT FOR FUTURE and thus give them the chance to survive and succeed in the digital age.

Creating an awareness of future "digital skills" and introducing into relevant future topics, methods and technologies are fundamental to preparing people for work in the digital age and keeping them EMPLOYABLE. Skill Transformation, NewSkilling and lifelong learning are therefore ongoing processes that are more in demand than ever in the age of digitalization.

The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub operated by Deutsche Telekom is an interoperable and cross-industry data marketplace with an attached AI workshop. With the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, companies from a wide range of industries can trade, enrich and analyse data using AI-supported applications. Deutsche Telekom offers the Data Intelligence Hub as an industry-neutral infrastructure, enabling direct and exclusive data traffic between companies that provide their data on the marketplace via a connector. Data is exchanged using end-to-end encryption, without the data being stored externally or centrally.

Deutsche Telekom AG believes in the importance of diversity and transparency. The newly formulated AI ethic guidelines represent a clear code of conduct.  With regards to the vision of becoming a Leading European telco provider, this can only be achieved if all Telekom employees can take part in future technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things, AR/VR. We believe that exchange of knowledge and networking of diverse teams can improve molding the future for our company and society.

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