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Internet of Things in effect

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Smart City

Deutsche Telekom enhances urban life and supports cities with digital transformation – all across Europe.

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Industry 4.0

About smart port logstics in Hamburg and an intelligent brewery.


What is 5G?

What distinguishes the new global communication standard from the previous mobile generations.

Image Transport an Logistics

Transport and Logistics

The transport and logistics sector benefits from digitization and gives it impetus.


Connected Mobility

Cars will have to demonstrate greater team spirit in the future.

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Easy and simple

We connect people and things and prepare the way for the smart digital society.


News from the Internet of things

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Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.

Digitization simply



Gigabit project in the Stuttgart region: Agreement with Deutsche Telekom signed

174 municipalities cooperating with Deutsche Telekom on fiber-optic expansion.

Cyber security


Telekom presents current figures on cyber security

Deutsche Telekom is drawing attention to the growing dangers posed by hackers. At the beginning of April the Group had 46 million daily attacks on its honeypots. This is a new record. The number of attacks is rising exponentially

First meeting of Deutsche Telekom's municipal advisory board in Berlin.


Deutsche Telekom founds Municipal Advisory Board

Deutsche Telekom today convened a first meeting of the newly founded municipal advisory council in Berlin. In the future, the committee will advise on issues relating to broadband expansion, 5G and other digitization topics.



Toll4Europe: Approval as European toll service provider

The German Federal Office for Goods Transport has approved Toll4Europe as a European service provider for toll collection in Germany.

Image "digital ecosystem"


Cooperation on Digital Economy

Fetch.AI and Telekom Innovation Laboratories continue collaboration on new digital ecosystem.

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T-Systems offers Managed Services for Microsoft Azure

Azure beginners or existing customers can transfer all complex and critical processes in cloud operations to T-Systems.



What happens when …

… we would build a platform or event, where 300 people from different countries and cultures come together.

Winner's Cup


Open Telekom Cloud beats them all

In a benchmark test Cloud Spectator wrote that the Open Telekom Cloud provided an “superior overall performance” compared to other public clouds in Europe.

Image Mobile Network Expansion


279 new LTE mobile base stations

In the first two months of 2019, 279 new mobile communications locations were put into operation. What's special: All these locations were supplied with LTE for the first time.

Illustration in-car delivery for tradespersons.


When the sink lands in the trunk overnight

With an end-to-end solution by T-Systems, tradespersons now get their material directly into the vehicle over night.

Telekom launches Smart City Co-Creation Toolbox


Telekom launches Smart City Co-Creation Toolbox

Partnership with United Nations and German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB).

Telekom’s booth at Hannover Messe.


Digitize more intelligently: Telekom on the HM19

At the Hannover Messe (HM19) Telekom showed how companies digitize intelligently. "Let’s Power Higher Performance" is the motto under which Telekom makes company planning, production and logistics more efficient.

Ventilation made easy: Deutsche Telekom keeps an eye on air flow


Ventilation made easy: Deutsche Telekom keeps an eye on air flow

Ziehl Abegg is now relying on the Internet of Things to network its ventilation equipment and monitor operating data remotely.



Car cyber security

Telekom partners with specialist from Israel in car cyber security.


An interview with AI

Wandering through the halls at Hannover Messe one inevitably hits on AI, Artificial Intelligence. We met one of these AIs for an interview at the Telekom booth.