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Internet of Things in effect

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Smart City

Deutsche Telekom enhances urban life and supports cities with digital transformation – all across Europe.

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Industry 4.0

About smart port logstics in Hamburg and an intelligent brewery.

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IoT-Week 2018

The digital future.

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Transport and Logistics

The transport and logistics sector benefits from digitization and gives it impetus.


Connected Mobility

Cars will have to demonstrate greater team spirit in the future.

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Easy and simple

We connect people and things and prepare the way for the smart digital society.

News from the Internet of things

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Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.

Digitization simply

Telekom, SAP


Platinum for T-Systems: Distinguished Elite of SAP Resellers

SAP has awarded T-Systems top status among its resellers. As an SAP Global Platinum Reseller Partner, T-Systems is now one of the exclusive elite sellers of solutions from the global market leader for enterprise software.

Image Mobile Network Expansion


DT commissions more than 400 new mobile base stations

Deutsche Telekom is driving forward network expansion in Germany faster than any other company. It is doing so with fixed-network and mobile communications. In urban centers and rural areas. The company commissioned over four hundred new mobile stations in...



Femtec fellows meet magenta spirit

On September 26, we welcomed 30 Femtec fellows to excursions at Deutsche Telekom headquarters in Bonn – supported by numerous representatives from a wide variety of departments.

 Truck on highway, toll sign


 Shell acquires 15-percent stake in toll service provider Toll4Europe

Movement in the European toll market: euroShell Cards B.V. with headquarter in Rotterdam, a company of the Shell Group, acquires 15 percent of the European Toll4Europe - a so-called EETS (Electronic European Toll Service) provider. euroShell will thereby also...

 tracking module


Datengold der Logistik: Tracker macht Paletten intelligent

Deutsche Telekom, the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (Fraunhofer IML, for short) and the European Pallet Association (EPAL) have put the world’s first 500 intelligent pallets into real-life operation.


Central data hub for the supply chain

Insufficient information sharing in the supply chain causes delays and pushes up costs. T-Systems is working with partners on a research project called Synchrolog to develop a solution.



Job Insights! Today: Christoph Tomaschko

Christoph Tomaschko, responsible for customer loyalty in the IoT area at T-Systems, provides insights into his everyday office work.

„Talents“ at the Network Day


Network Day in Berlin: Technology hands-on

On Network Day, some 80 journalists and bloggers found out about Deutsche Telekom's network technology.



Deutsche Telekom, Niantic and MobiledgeX partnership

Niantic to Bring Proprietary Real World Platform for Augmented Reality Gaming to Deutsche Telekom’s MobiledgeX Edge Servers And 5G Network to Create Scalable End-User Experiences.

Robots in action at Osram


Osram and Deutsche Telekom to test mobile robotics in smart factory

Osram to test autonomous materials handling at its factory. Deutsche Telekom is providing integrated Campus Network solution based on LTE and Edge Computing.

DT's "Netzetag"


Working hard on 5G roll-out in Germany 

Eight-point program for 5G. 5G user conference: taking the future into our hands together.

8 point program for 5G


5G for our country

We want the best-performing digital infrastructure for Germany.

Ingo Hofacker


The digitizer – logistics industry leads the way

By Ingo Hofacker, responsible for IoT business at Deutsche Telekom.

Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deutsche Telekom AG


Developing the best 5G network together

Deutsche Telekom CEO announces an eight-point program – Continued investment of more than 5 billion euros annually in Germany – Mobile network largely 5G-ready.