Internet of Things

Internet of Things in effect

Futuristische Skyline

Smart City

Deutsche Telekom enhances urban life and supports cities with digital transformation – all across Europe.

Priorities are changing. Much of what was once a choice is now a duty.

Smart business

The global economic crisis is accelerating existing trends. Yesterday's decisions are today's commandments.


What is 5G?

What distinguishes the new global communication standard from the previous mobile generations.

Image Transport an Logistics

Transport and Logistics

The transport and logistics sector benefits from digitization and gives it impetus.


Connected Mobility

Cars will have to demonstrate greater team spirit in the future.


Smart retail

Digitization will ensure the future success of retail.

We Care

Sustainable with IoT

Companies feel the pressure to make their activities sustainable. Deutsche Telekom's Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities.

Junger Mann in Denkerpose

Easy and simple

What is a digital twin, a campus network or voicification? Complex subjects explained simply.


IoT for all

With smart products, private customers make their everyday lives safer and more comfortable.

News from the Internet of things

Your choice

Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.

Digitization simply

Spectacular magenta 5G-light show with 300 drones


Drone show as stage for Telekom 5G

With a spectacular drone show, Telekom will present its 5G network and the new iPhone 12 range. The highlight will be the worldwide largest magenta 5G heart.

Horst Heldt, Klaus Werner, Alexander Wehrle


Telekom to be 1. FC Köln's new technology partner

Deutsche Telekom is becoming 1. FC Köln soccer club's exclusive partner for technology. Both want to drive the digitalization forward.



A surprising revival: The IT dinosaurs are back

They are big, they are heavy, and they are said to be dead for a long time anyway. But they still exist, the dinosaurs of IT: mainframe computers.

Truck on a road.e


Logistics experts get sustainability on the road

Climate change concerns us all. Anton Schäfer explains how the logistics sector combines efficiency and sustainability - with digitalization.

Picture of the Berlin Wall with extra superimposed virtual content.


All thanks to 5G

Start-up program showcases AR city tours, video dance challenges, virtual karaoke, and much more.

Managing buildings sustainably with Deutsche Telekom's Internet of Things (IoT).


Green: from the basement to the roof

Sustainable building management is becoming more and more important. Deutsche Telekom's Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt.


Logistics bears responsibility for the future

In an interview Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt explains, why profitability and sustainability are not contradictory in global value chains.



Achieving climate targets via the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) can play a key role in combating the climate crisis. This is the result of a recent online survey conducted by Deutsche Telekom with 722 IoT experts on the subject of "Sustainable with IoT".

Achieving climate goals with Deutsche Telekom’s IoT


Sustainable with the Internet of Things

The climate crisis is omnipresent. Companies feel the pressure to make their activities sustainable. Deutsche Telekom's Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities.

Photomontage of two place-name signs from road traffic.


Bye bye 3G - now LTE is coming for everyone

3G switch-off at Deutsche Telekom planned for summer 2021. All contracts get LTE at no extra cost.

Next milestone for networked data infrastructure.


GAIA-X Takes Major Step Toward Sovereign European Digital Infrastructure

The GAIA-X Initiative announced today that it is one step closer to its goal of a trustworthy, sovereign digital infrastructure for Europe, with the official signing of incorporation papers for GAIA-X, a non-profit association that will take the project to...

Voice telephony from the cloud


Voice telephony from the cloud

Telekom is now using a new platform for IP-based voice telephony in the fixed network. With the new "NIMS" (Next Generation IP Multimedia Subsystem) platform, the company is launching the cloudification of voice telephony.

T-Systems and OVHcloud cooperate for Gaia-X


T-Systems and OVHcloud cooperate for Gaia-X

OVHcloud and T-Systems have agreed to cooperate following the Gaia-X initiative principles. The partnership will lead to the creation of a trusted public cloud offering for all sectors.

People and robots share work in the office


Robots drawing up lease agreements

Deutsche Funkturm GmbH is using a robot-controlled platform provided by T-Systems and Blue Prism for its lease agreements.

Picture shows computer and mobile app


What the time sheet?

The European Court of Justice demands the exact recording of working hours. The chance for clean bytes instead of greasy timesheets.

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