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Big Data in the Cloud.

IT services in the cloud

As a pioneer and market leader in cloud computing, Deutsche Telekom offers a wide range of innovative solutions.

Frank Strecker

Interview with Frank Strecker

T-Systems' new cloud strategy puts the public cloud first.

The IT factory of the future in Biere.

Factory of the future

Without the cloud, Industry 4.0 is a pipe dream, and without data centers, there can be no cloud.

Cloud news

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World's largest Data Space to observe the planet


One of the World's largest Data collections to observe our planet

1 week

NIMS: cloudified voice production with radical automation.


More than 10 million voice subscribers now benefiting from cloudified voice production with radical automation

3 weeks

T-Systems’ data center in Biere. Superimposed the Open Telekom Cloud logo and the European Union flag.


Open Telekom Cloud adheres to EU Cloud Code of...

4 weeks

T-Systems manages data encryption keys for clients.


T-Systems to manage data encryption keys for customers using AWS Cloud

9 weeks

T-Systems data center recognized


T-Systems data center recognized: Certification for...

10 weeks

Telekom logo.


Telekom delivers digitalization Made in Germany

12 weeks

Lgos Telekom and Teridion


Telekom invests in Israeli software company Teridion

13 weeks

Logos of T-Systems and AWS


T-Systems Achieves the Control Tower AWS Service...

14 weeks



PERI digitizes the construction site with IoT...

15 weeks

Smiling truck driver.


Award-winning innovation: Digital delivery note...

15 weeks

Symbol picture Networking

Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.

Cloud server room


Information for media about Cloud computing and services.

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