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5G for Germany

Deutsche Telekom is launching Germany's largest 5G initiative.


What is 5G?

What distinguishes the new global communication standard from the previous mobile generations.

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Deutsche Telekom technicians are upgrading the network to 5G.


5G Super Week

15,000 additional antennas for 5G network in Germany



Deutsche Telekom is promoting Germany's largest 5G network

To encourage as many people as possible to upgrade to the new mobile communications standard, Deutsche Telekom is launching an extensive campaign on 5G.

5G Boost: Michael Hagspihl, Dirk Wössner and Walter Goldenits present the largest 5G initiative for Germany.


5G-Boost: 5G from today for over 16 million people in Germany

Now more than 1,000 towns and communities completely or partly covered with 5G.


Marion Kessing

Corporate Communications

+49 228 181 49494


Basic information on the 5G network

What is 5G? present interesting facts about the network of the future and show the advantages of 5G technology for man and machine.

8 point program for 5G

5G for our country, Germany

We want the best-performing digital infrastructure for Germany.

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