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Telekom is right on schedule with 5G and fiber roll-out

Telekom's new 5G mobile network can already be used by 85 percent of people in Germany.



What distinguishes the new global communication standard from the previous mobile generations.

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Automated driving with 5G Network Slicing and Quality of Service.


Automated Driving with 5G

World first demonstration of automated driving applications supported by 5G network slicing and controlled network QoS

A Kässbohrer Pistenbully


Telekom networks Kässbohrer's all-terrain vehicles

Over 1,100 vehicles are already equipped with a SIM card.

aerial view of logport I, Port of Duisburg


5G project at port of Duisburg

In the Port of Duisburg, cranes are to be intelligently controlled via 5G from Deutsche Telekom. The project is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Basic information on the 5G network

What is 5G? We present interesting facts about the network of the future and show the advantages of 5G technology for man and machine.

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