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Telekom is right on schedule with 5G and fiber roll-out

Telekom's new 5G mobile network can already be used by 85 percent of people in Germany.



What distinguishes the new global communication standard from the previous mobile generations.

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A flying drone in the sky transports a white package with a "T5G" label on it.


5G gets delivery drones in the air

Telekom equips drone test site with local 5G network, in which tests delivery flights with 5G parcel drones will be explored.


5G SA roaming from Europe to Asia

Telekom and partners have established the first intercontinental 5G standalone (SA) roaming link between two networks.

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Deutsche Telekom collaborates with Microsoft to offer 5G Private Networks

Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft are working on a standardized solution for private 5G networks for enterprises. This will make it easier for business customers to access 5G.


Basic information on the 5G network

What is 5G? We present interesting facts about the network of the future and show the advantages of 5G technology for man and machine.

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