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Smart solutions for smart cities

Today’s cities face tremendous challenges – from rising populations and shrinking budgets to the need to economize on the use of resources.

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Deutsche Telekom gives tips on how to save energy


Reducing energy consumption with digitization

The attack by Russian forces on Ukraine is having a massive impact on the economy and society: Deutsche Telekom has three tips for companies, consumers and cities on how to reduce their energy consumption.

Female cyclist on DB rental bike with Telekom logo


Call a Bike

DB Connect and Telekom develop next-generation bike-sharing service



Data drives mobility forward

The Federal Ministry of Transport's "Mobilithek" provides the basis for visions of networked mobility. Mobilithek uses components of the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub (DIH).

Network of services over a city.


Telekom at the ITS World Congress

Safe cycling, connected convoys and self-parking cars: Telekom presents new solutions for more sustainability in road traffic.

Dennis Nikles


Dennis Nikles is the new Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH

From April 1, Nikles will be responsible for Deutsche Telekom's entire IoT business - from production to technology, sales and operations.



Alexander Derno

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What happens when …

… we would build a platform or event, where 300 people from different countries and cultures come together.

Green City Solutions' CityTree


Dominik Hennes

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Can I take a deep breath, please?

Even though I grew up in a village of just 200 inhabitants, these days I’m drawn to big cities. But what I miss is fresh air. 

Smart Bridge


Nadja Kirchhof


Bridge the Gap

There is something going on at the junction Köln Ost of the A3 motorway in Germany. A closer look, however, reveals that there is something really exciting happening in this area.


Easy and simple: Smart City

In the run-up to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we want to explain complex technical topics in easy terms. In today’s focus: Smart City.


Netzgeschichten: Barking and Parking

Christian is annoyed by finding no parking space. In the future cars will talk to free parking lots directly to make the city smarter. The latest episode of Netzgeschichten is about the internet of things and could contain dog content.


Smart Cities - Netzgeschichten

Our cities are swelling, busses and trains are totally crowded and the search for parking is becoming more and more difficult. Apps, intelligent trash cans and traffic management systems are meant to make life in large cities more environmentally friendly, easier and better. The #Netzgeschichten are about how Smart Cities will help us in the future.


Mobile World Congress 2019

Markus Keller, Head of Deutsche Telekom Smart Cities, introduces the Co-Creation Toolbox, Smart Cities App and City Tree.


Netzgeschichten: Smart Cities App

Sign up, apply for a driver's license, register a car - appointments that must be done in the city. And these are often associated with long waiting times. Why is there no app for doing this conveniently from home or on the go? It will be there soon! Christian finds out how the Smart City app looks exactly and how it can make our lives easier.

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Smart City

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Smart City

Deutsche Telekom enhances urban life and supports cities with digital transformation – all across Europe.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.

B2B Blog infografics

B2B Europe Blog

From efficient streetlights to intelligent parking systems, Deutsche Telekom is a leading provider of “smart city” solutions. We spoke with Ralf Nejedl, Senior Vice President of B2B and ICT at Deutsche Telekom, about the groundbreaking urban services made possible by combining European Union financing with our innovative applications.


"Welcome to the connected City"

Smart and economical: that's how urban planners imagine the city of the future – and are already testing connected smart city solutions today. A closer look.


Nadja Kirchhof

Corporate Communications